Doomed Dome: The Future That Never Was

To save energy, a Vermont city once proposed a one-mile dome over its 7,000 residents! (They paid $4 million a year in heating bills, and could reduce their heat consumption by 90 percent!)

There’d be fly-fishing all year, and no more snow shoveling. (“Air would be brought inside by large fans and heated or cooled as necessary… Entrances and exits would consist of double doors akin to an airlock.”) HUD funding was imminent, and within days the town was receiving 20 bags of mail a day from all around the world.

And in a new interview, the former city planner still insists it was a great idea. “Economically it’s a slam dunk.”

2 Comments on "Doomed Dome: The Future That Never Was"

  1. You know who we can really blame for this not happening? Pauley Shore. He knows why.

  2. The problem with all those “small, insulated buildings” is that they have several thousand times the surface area of the dome and radiative energy loss is directly proportional to the surface area. Similar to the 6 square meter of surface area you have in your lungs, but they only occupy a cubic foot of volume..

    It's simple physics, folks.

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