Eight Ways In-Vitro Meat Changes Our Lives

This fascinating article describes eight ways in-vitro meat will change the world, including the ability to taste endangered animals and even extinct species like dinosaurs!

“Future flesh” could also eliminate 51% of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions (and 90% of choking victims), and “test tube steak” is also cheaper, healthier, and greener. (A quarter of the earth’s land is currently used to grow meat, along with 8% of the world’s water.) It could reduce animal-to-human diseases while eliminating artery-clogging saturated fats from our diets, replacing them with heart-healthy Omega-3 while eliminating hormones and mercury (as well as e. coli and salmonella).

And someone will finally claim PETA’s $1 million prize for anyone who can market a competitive in-vitro meat by 2012.

2 Comments on "Eight Ways In-Vitro Meat Changes Our Lives"

  1. It ain't meat unless it moves. Blood has to pump, fibers have to contract, and fat has to collect to form 'meat.' Fun idea though, once the technologies are properly applied we can fine-tune flavor far beyond even Kobe beef.

  2. tonyviner | Nov 18, 2009 at 2:12 pm |

    I want a strawberry milkshake flavored dinosaur meat sandwich.

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