Friday The 13th Extra Freaky

NEW ORLEANS (Wireless Flash) — Today (Nov. 13) is going to be an extra freaky Friday the 13th.

This is the third Friday the 13th in 2009 — a strangely high number of bad luck days to have in one year — and paranormal researcher Gina Lanier suspects it spells disaster.

Though it’s hard to say what will actually happen, she recommends wearing a talisman or carrying holy water all day to avoid any mishaps.

The 13th might mean bad luck for folks walking by ladders or black cats, but witches have an opportunity for fun. Lanier says today is a great day to “gather a coven” of witches — which requires 13 spell casters — to practice good or malevolent magic, depending on what they’re into.

She also says it’s prime time to sacrifice an animal because of the mystical significance of the day. The paranormal world will also be abuzz. Lanier expects more “energies” to frolick around and cause mischief.


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2 Comments on "Friday The 13th Extra Freaky"

  1. Crap ass supertitious BS. Is this the 16th century? And I'm sorry, as the son of a high priestess, a coven is a coven, you don't need “13 spell-casters”. Sound like something a sub-par DM would say. Dumb post.

  2. what a bunch of BS, anyone who has cracked open an occult book can see that is BS energies frolicking…creating mischief… sounds like somebody has been reading harry potter

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