Hackers target leading climate research unit

From BBC News:

The e-mail system of one of the world’s leading climate research units has been breached by hackers.

E-mails reportedly from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU), including personal exchanges, appeared on the internet on Thursday.

A university spokesman confirmed the email system had been hacked and that information was taken and published without permission.

An investigation was underway and the police had been informed, he added.

“We are aware that information from a server used for research information in one area of the university has been made available on public websites,” the spokesman stated.

“Because of the volume of this information we cannot currently confirm that all of this material is genuine.

“This information has been obtained and published without our permission and we took immediate action to remove the server in question from operation.

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6 Comments on "Hackers target leading climate research unit"

  1. Climate clowns – soooooo busted

  2. I love it, these dweebs actually expended energy hacking this research facility to discover what startling revelation?

    Scientists have discussions wherein they constantly question their own conclusions, attempt to find further evidence, and refine their theories.

    Brilliant. You've discovered the scientific method, genius.

    None of that does squat to overturn the overwhelming evidence collected from literally thousands of research facilities worldwide, all of which point to the same thing – anthropomorphic climate alterations that is greatly exacerbating the normal climate shifts the Earth experiences.

    Doubt does not equal untruth in science. Doubt, questioning, constant testing — all these things are what make science a more reliable means of governing practical policies here on Earth, than the blind faith that is the hallmark of religion.

    Indeed, as scientists have continued their investigations over especially the last 30 years, what they've found is that they've been consistently too OPTIMISTIC in their predictions about the rate of change. In fact, we're approaching (if not arrived already) a tipping point where the catastrophic change will become exponential, and then these rightwing dorks working out of their mommy's basements are going to find that their little 'puters don't run any more because it's too damn hot, and their power got blown when the electric grid went boom from everyone turning on their air conditioners at once.

    It's also why the Pentagon is devoting resources to trying to figure out how they'll deal with consequences like political instability caused by starvation, mass migrations, violence, power outages, transportation disruptions, and the spread of disease as viruses and their carriers move into new habitats trying to adjust to the world weather changes.

    • Apparently your version of the scientific method includes falsifying data as both the IPCC and Greanpeace have had to admit to doing. The consensus is in and I have a list of 35,000 scientists who say anthrapogenic climate change theories are a farce while you can no doubt find only a small handfull say 3,000 or so that promote the disemination of conclusions based upon such false data and computer models designed to reach a foregone conclusion.

      I'm sorry if cooked data overwhelms you with fear but busted is busted.

      As for the pentagon they also regularly expend resources on how to fight non-existent terrorism, alien invasions, and psychic warfare attacks.

  3. wfzlsster | Nov 22, 2009 at 9:45 am |

    The point is not that the information was hacked but that the emails provided indicate purposeful data manipulation in support of man made global warming. Scientists are not supposed to manipulate or cherry pick data and when they do none of their conclusions can be trusted. This is the equivalent of 'fixing facts around a policy' the way the Bush administration did in the run up to the Iraq war.

  4.  Except that’s not true. FAIL.

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