How Hitler and the Nazis Tried to Steal Christmas

From the Telegraph:

The Nazi Party tried their best to remove Christ from Christmas by paganising carols, producing glittering swastika, iron cross and toy grenade baubles for the fir tree, research for a new exhibition has found.

Many of the changes made under Hitler, put in place to remove the influence of the Jewish-born baby Jesus, are still in use today, much to the alarm of modern Germans.

The swastika-shaped baking trays and wrapping paper adorned with Nazi symbols have long gone, but traces of the Third Reich Christmas can still be found in the subtly rewritten lyrics of favourite carols.

The discoveries have been highlighted by a new exhibition at the National Socialism Documentation Centre in Cologne.

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  1. It's really kinda great and still privilege to know your “history”…


  2. I am a big fan of silly, traditional, American Christmas goings-on, but I would love to get my hands on a box full of these tree ornaments.

    Now you all know what I want for Christmas!

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