Iran Election Protestors Sentenced To Death

Remember when young Iranians marched though the streets this past summer to protest Ahmadinejad’s questionable victory in the nation’s presidential election? The U.S. media has lost interest in the topic, but Al Jazeera actually still cares, and reports that some of the protesters are now being sentenced to death:

Iran has sentenced five people to death and 81 others to prison terms of up to 15 years in a mass trial of opposition figures accused of fomenting the unrest that followed June’s disputed presidential election, state television says.

Offenses includ[ed] security violations, agitating against the Islamic Republic, violating law and order, damaging public and private property, and assaulting civilians and security forces.

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  1. I wonder if the US would militarily support a full scale revolt in Iran? All those young protesters must be seething now that these death penalties have been issued.

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