Is California’s Governor Broke Too? IRS Files Lien Against Arnold Schwarzenegger

The San Francisco Chronicle reports on this tale befitting the governor of the IOU state:

As if a projected $20.7 billion state budget deficit wasn’t bad enough, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has another financial headache to deal with: clearing up paperwork related to his 2004 and 2005 federal taxes.

The tangle involves a lien of $79,064 placed on Schwarzenegger’s property by the Internal Revenue Service. The lien was filed in May in Los Angeles County, where the governor and his family live, and surfaced Friday morning on a celebrity Web site,

News of the lien brought a quick defense from Schwarzenegger’s staff, with a morning declaration that the governor had paid all his taxes, followed mid-afternoon by a release that ascribed the glitch to sloppy record-keeping…


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