Is Every Woman in Africa an Octomom?

Women in Niger produce an average of 7.19 children each. And interestingly, India accounts for 21% of all children born.

A fascinating article on world demographic trends notes that Afghanistan has the third-highest population growth in the world. (“Bloody, poor, sick nations often reproduce the faster,” notes Hank Hyena, adding “Poverty + War + Disease = Booming Population.”) Partly because of this trend, the only populations assured of expansion in 2050 are Africa, the Middle East … and the United States.

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  1. it's a terrible thought, superstitious primitives breeding away every modern advance. it isnt the sole domain of ethnocentric right wing bubbahs , is it a reality? who knows but it gives a definate advantage to the religious vs. the secular in the war for influence on the planet, one hopes people start waking up to the system of control they live under, if not I'd say were going to be due for a new dark age(and no I don't mean that in any ethnic sense)

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