Majority Now Against War In Afghanistan

From Infowars, a majority of the U.S. population now seems the Afghan war as not worth fighting:

Support for the US mission in Afghanistan has slipped to a new low, with 44 percent of Americans now saying the war there has been worth the cost, according to a recently released poll.

The numbers come as Obama grapples with whether to send more US troops to Afghanistan to boost the fight against a growing Taliban-led insurgency, just a week after a stopover at a US military base in Alaska at the start of his Asia trip when he told US troops he will get “public support back home” for the mission.

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  • emperorreagan

    Sending soldiers overseas to die to prop up corrupt regimes, under the justification of hand-wavy arguments about terrorism (while they do absolutely nothing about the countries that actually have the money to provide funding for terrorism)?

    Yup, over it.

  • tonyviner

    This war was a sham from the beginning. The Taliban offered to hand bin Laden over to us several times in the past and even offered to give assistance in capturing him after September 11. It will be good to have our troops there when the war with China finally happens. The heroin is not bad either.

  • khan

    i dont get this! the us citizens are paying hard earned money as taxes which is in turn spent in Afghanistan on the war against (framed) terror. And think of the soldiers. Those kids who go to fight for an unknown cause..
    what a pity

  • Hip$ter Kat

    now that Afghanistan is underground, hipster cat likes it again.

  • Hip$ter Kat

    now that Afghanistan is underground, hipster cat likes it again.

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