Man’s Attempt To Fly On Jet-Powered Wings Fails

From NPR:

A Swiss pilot ditched safely into the chilly waters between Morocco and Spain on Wednesday after a technical malfunction ended the first attempted intercontinental crossing on jet-powered wings.

A rescuer helicopter winched Yves Rossy to safety from the wind-swept Atlantic.

Rossy, a 50-year-old former fighter pilot, had taken off from Tangiers but five minutes into what was supposed to be a 15-minute flight he vanished from TV screens providing live footage from planes and choppers accompanying him. For a good 10 minutes, no one knew where he was.

“The good news is that he is fine,” Stuart Sterzel, CEO of sponsors, told reporters on a beach outside this southern Spanish town, where Rossy was supposed to land.

“He gave the thumbs-up sign through the door of the helicopter,” said Sterzel.

Sterzel said the wing malfunctioned, possibly due to engine failure, but said Rossy had deployed his parachute and landed in the water in a controlled fashion.

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  1. I’ll let Mikey try it first.

  2. I’ll let Mikey try it first.

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