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From Nick P. at Black Sun Gazette:

We’re almost a full year into the Obama regime, and over a year past his election. There is significant disconnect between the rhetoric and the reality. I was widely pilloried for not joining in the choruses of “hope and change.” While I acknowledge that most Americans voting for a black man for President represents something, I disagree with most people about what it represents.

If nothing else, having a black president highlights what black people living in urban areas run by black Democrats already know — black Democrats are dangerous hustlers, charlatans of the highest order who prey on their own people. Illusions in Obama quickly shatter in light of the reality. Despite repeated attempts by craven apologists of Obama to represent him as some kind of significant break from the Reagan-Bush-Clinton-Bush trajectory, the evidence is clear: Barack Obama is a political gangster, with few convictions outside of what is best for his corporate paymasters and the military-industrial complex.

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5 Comments on "Meet the New Boss"

  1. it is possible that obama is a typical corrupt politician. but “race” does not belong in this discussion. most politicians are crooked anyway. i'm not sure what ethnicity the author is, but it doesn't matter, because this is just plain bad writing, intended to lump a very unique person into a tiny box. i don't think obama will solve all the world's problems, but he is no more gangster than the many real gangsters with old money who came before him.

  2. Word Eater | Nov 15, 2009 at 12:58 am |

    What the hell? “Black Democrats are dangerous hustlers?” Who says stuff like that in 2009?

    Does he shuck and jive while hustling or just sing “Mammy” while tap dancing?

    In fact, I'm sure thousands if not millions of people are disappointed with Obama's presidency. It has nothing to do with his gangsta cred and everything to do with his entire platform of “change” falling apart.

    He was a naive, inexperienced politician who thought he could jump in and fix everything. Only he has found out that it isn't that easy.

    Even the president has people to answer to and it isn't the people who elected him.

    • I couldn't have said it better than that. I remember the day I heard Obama wasn't rescinding the warrantless wiretapping activity by the government. That was the end of 'change' for me and my expectations were firmly grounded.

    • How are Black Democrats NOT dangerous hustlers? I'm guessing that you aren't from the Northeast. The actions of Black Democratic Party politicians are even more disgusting because they prey on their own people. Check out Newark, NJ sometime.

      Further, I would say that you are naive, not Barack Obama. He's not fresh off the farm. He's a very skilled and capable politician who knows exactly who he serves. Way to parrot a narrative, though.

      • Word Eater | Dec 5, 2009 at 2:17 pm |

        I grew up a lower class white dude from the South.

        Blame my naïveté on slavery guilt.

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