Murdoch’s Attack Dog Snarls at the ‘Parasites’ Threatening His Master

Where does Rupert find these guys? The man who declared war on journalism (as shown in the classic documentary Outfoxed) has surrounded himself with Jack Russells to bite the ankles of anyone who dares challenge his views on what the media should be (as reported in nemesis newspaper The Guardian):

If you go by the numbers, a slim Australian with a sharp tongue and a penchant for ultra-skinny ties has become the most powerful newspaper editor in America. The Wall Street Journal has claimed top spot in circulation rankings and its boss seems intent on marshalling a print industry war against online “thievery”.

A loyal lieutenant and friend of Rupert Murdoch, the WSJ’s Robert Thomson rarely minces his words. A former editor of the Times, he dismissed the Guardian as a paper catering for a north London ghetto, and on arrival at the WSJ he upset veteran writers by saying that certain elaborately researched stories seemed to have the “gestation of a llama”.

He was at it again last week with a full-throated assault on the internet powerhouse Google. At a Silicon Valley conference, Thomson startled a gathering of technology chiefs by accusing Google’s search chief, Marissa Mayer, of being an unwitting online pimp: “Marissa unintentionally encourages promiscuity.”

He attacked Google’s news search function for showing the sources of news articles in “tiny” fonts and aggregating quotes from newspapers with little prominence to their publishers. He continued: “The whole Google model is based on digital disloyalty. It’s about disloyalty to creators.”

The WSJ editor is fast becoming News Corporation’s attack dog in a campaign to re-engineer the news publishing industry’s failing business model. News Corp has lost patience with giving away journalism on the internet: Murdoch wants to erect pay walls, charging readers for access to all of his websites, ranging from the Times and the Sun to the New York Post and the Australian


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  1. Polymorpheous | Nov 2, 2009 at 12:15 pm |

    i understand, and won't argue the fact that fox is full of shit. but why are we not seeing anything about how NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN are full of shit? all of these “news” agencies do is further polarize our country's politics, and reinforce our hyper-consumer culture. they push their corporate master's products and world views. the mainstream media truly are our “thought police”.

    • Well there is some reporting on this … in the mainstream media itself 🙂



      If Fox Is Partisan, It Is Not Alone

      Published: November 1, 2009

      The Obama White House’s decision to challenge Fox News appears driven equally by strategy and frustration. It is also a test case for politicians in both parties.

      That is because partisan fragmentation throughout America’s news media and their audiences has grown significantly. Future Republican presidents will have to decide, as Team Obama has, how to buck or accommodate that trend.

      Fox News has attracted the most attention because of its “fair and balanced” challenge to its competitors and its success. But the audiences of its competitors have tilted sharply in the other direction. (This reporter is chief Washington correspondent for CNBC and hosts “The New York Times Special Edition,” a program on MSNBC.)

      Press critics worry that the rise of media polarization threatens the foundation of credible, common information that American politics needs to thrive. Will Feltus, a Republican specialist in voter targeting, does not…

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