Norm’s Militia Scrapbook (Video)

From VBS.TV:

Norman Olson is the founder of the Michigan Militia, the most famous/notorious/we-think-maybe-oldest? group of the early-90s citizens’ militia movement. If you’re too young to remember, that was this thing where guys in camouflage got together to train with their guns and guys with cameras pretended they were scary and racist.

The movement hit a speed bump when it got blamed for the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, and Norm Olson didn’t do much good for his own group when he tried to pass the blame to the Japanese—an idea which, if you subscribe to certain theories concerning the earlier sarin-gas attack on the Tokyo subway and the responsible doomsday cult’s alleged connections to the Japanese Imperial Family, makes a limited sort of sense, but otherwise sounds like the craziest of all possible answers. With faith already shaken in his leadership, Norm then hitched the Militia’s wagon to fears over that Y2K thing and by February 2000 the group was essentially defunct.

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  1. oh, don't forget the MM folks testifying before congress talking about GOVERNMENT WEATHER EXPERIMENTS.

  2. Hilarious! I used to live down the road from Norm Olson. The man is completely bonkers! He may come across as well spoken, and he IS quite intelligent, however given enough time one will eventually come to see the lunatic behind the kindly exterior. Don't let the tie fool ya, this guy normally lives in a perpetual state of camouflage.

    Case in point: Despite the fact that I was loath to associate myself to anything he was involved with I am also a smart shopper and I'll be damned if he didn't have the best gun prices around. The last purchase I made from him turned out to be so on account of the fact that for some stupid reason he put me on his e-mail list. I had given my e-mail to him strictly to receive e-fliers on in-store deals as the only way to hear about them was through e-mail as he did not advertise otherwise. Instead I started getting his replies to whoever he happened to be replying to because the dumb-ass would hit reply all instead of keeping it between himself and whomever he was corresponding with. Needless to say I got a little more than nervous when I started reading his messages that urged people to start taking more aggressive action against the government in all of it's guises from top secret institutions all the way down to your local sheriff, even going so far as to say there needs (yes, NEEDS) to be BLOODSHED!!! The funny thing is he never once offered to be the one firing those first shots and never responded to me when I suggested he do so yet never had a problem asking others to “start the revolution.”

    After a couple times of politely asking to be removed from his e-mail list and having that request ignored I ended up writing a rather lengthy and fairly nasty e-mail demanding to be removed and informing him that he had lost a good customer when he sent out his ultimate jack-off fantasy not long after 9/11 in the form of a fake news story (which he waited until the very end to reveal was purely fiction, not that it was very credible in the first place but sneaky none-the-less) about a militia member foiling a plot to blow up the Mackinaw Bridge. It was one of the most ridiculous things I had ever read, yet also incredibly disturbing because it really gave a good insight into the real mania that swirls around inside Norm's skull. This was the lunacy spouting forth from a man just down the road from me who had a shop full of weapons and bragged about how he keeps a fully automatic AR-15 behind his truck seat, and alluded to the fact that he kept some really interesting stuff in the basement.

    Also, he is a fucking liar. He got kicked out of the Michigan Militia because they all thought he was fucking nuts. He and Southwell both. These assholes both praised the Oklahoma City bombing and were extremely vocal about how more actions like that were needed, and that's why their own people ousted them. After Norm was “removed' as commander of the MM he started his own kooky cult of backwoods in-breeders with a heavy emphasis on Christianity, even going so far as to give good old fire and brimstone sermons every Sunday out in the outskirts of a shit-hole town called Wolverine, Michigan (in his camos, of course) because by then that was the last place anyone would listen to him. Believe me, I got a good look at some of his “flock” and these guys looked like the poster children for “Deliverance”.

    So whatever conclusions you may have come to after watching this know this: Norm Olson is a perfect cliche of a conspiracy theorist; He may sound convincing, maybe even sane but trust me, he is a deeply disturbed and dangerous individual. I honestly hope that the FBI, NSA and whoever else may be spying on us is watching him and his associates very closely because the guy is a ticking time bomb. I highly recommend staying well away from that freak show!

  3. Defunct? I think not. has every monthly training for the last decade posted with photographs. We are the most active, the most public militia in the nation. Just in the last six months, We've appeared on CNN, HD Net World Report, Holland's Veronica TV, NPR Radio. We are currently the subject of THE ONLY academic militia study not relying on 15 year old data.
    We're not “Scary” nor “Racist” and we're open to ALL citizens. Look up our web site and decide for yourselves.

    -Mad Hatter, SMVM Rep, Livingston County

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