Presenting Alan Moore’s New ‘Zine – Dodgem Logic

Comic writer, Magician and all around ‘swell bloke’ Alan Moore has launched his the website for his new underground magazine, Dodgem Logic.

Moore Writes, “Off in the unpacked suitcase of the night there’s Doppler sirens skittering like beads of panicked mercury through dark and distant plasterboarded streets, maybe a hammering an overdose a tower-block fire, electric curlew voices shrilling at the gloom pretending that there’s something to be done meanwhile somewhere a disembodied twelve-year old romantic courts that wafer-thin girl in his year by sending links to sites that specialise in anal object-rape as touching as a single rose ah bless, bless all the land-ice and the holiday chalets as they go slithering in a quaint avalanche down to the pirate-haunted seas bless all the City bonus-monkeys on their island fenced by gold barbed wire shrieking and wiping their distended purple baboon arses with your repossession notice bless every star-studded spearmint-breathing AIDS evangelist in Africa for handing out engagement rings instead of condoms bless all genocidal former victims of attempted genocide when after all it’s only fair that they should get a turn bless every last Creationist and Jihad-jockey for making their deities appear to be such likeable intelligent and reasonable blokes”

Dodgem Logic

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  1. tonyviner | Nov 27, 2009 at 2:08 am |

    I bet he never tops V.

  2. I bet you never top that lame comment.

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