Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Please join us this November 5th for the largest one day multi-candidate donation event in history.

Pledge via feedburner here for the candidates of your choosing. Help spread the word.

  • chugs

    what utter bullshit.

    looks and reads like propaganda to me. fucking disinfo is now being used to sell shit like this down our throats.

    pledge $25 bucks to a bunch of corrupt politicians who were responsible for creating the very tyranny and oppression that you want them to get rid of.


    this shit should be deleted

    • Disinformation

      Thanks for the feedback, we approved this post because we were curious what readers thought about the list of politicians here and this strategy. Obviously, chugs, you are not pleased.

      • tonyviner

        Chugs is quite difficult to please, from what I understand.

  • Anonymous

    James Madison and Alan Moore would love this.

  • tonyviner

    James Madison and Alan Moore would love this.