Show Me the Money

By Robert Singer

We have been conditioned from birth to believe that everything wrong in our society is about Greed: The inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs or deserves, especially with respect to material wealth.

However, my research concludes the earth’s environmental damage and pollution was not the result of greed and the unintended consequences of our capitalistic consumer society, but was the goal.

Until the common man became “civilized” he had almost no environmental impact on the earth. Hunters, foragers and gatherers are unable to upset the ecological structures of the planet. [1]

The first civilized societies and their agrarian economies had an environmental impact but the damage was negligible because only 3% of the population, Kings and Lords were consumers.

The earth wasn’t in trouble until the House of Rothschild unleashed the middle class on the planet when they financed and fomented the American and French Revolutions. [2]

Now the Third Estate (97% of the population) was freed to become the consumers of useless and toxic products from the Industrial Revolution.  And thanks to those scoundrels behind the Federal Reserve, former serfs and slaves could now have their own castle with a Sport Utility Pollution Vehicle (SUPV) in the driveway.

The first industrial revolution, the textile industry, based on the one plant that does more damage to the environment than coffee or tobacco…cotton, marked the last time the earth would be in ecological balance. [3]

A Theory of Ecocide Explains the Unexplainable

To support my theory, I point out that the Federal Reserve isn’t evil because they print our money and make us pay interest on the principal.

They are evil because Rockefeller, Kuhn, Loeb and Morgan, all connected to the House of Rothschild’s global financial empire, directed the Federal Reserve (until October of 2008) to create money out of thin air to pay for the American Dream, an environmental nightmare for the planet. [4]

These scoundrels, at the beginning of the 20th century owned or controlled 1/6th of the world’s real wealth: raw materials, commodities, copper, iron ore, petroleum, lead, silver and gold.

And when I write, “So how do they get rich exchanging real wealth for about $500 trillion of the Monopoly money they printed?”

I assume the answer is intuitive because their real wealth has been used up; they are the losers, not the middle class!

And I remind anyone still listening:

Remember those trees we chopped down and mountains we blew up so we could experience unprecedented prosperity for the last 60 years?

All of those resources (raw materials for the American Dream) “now used up”, were once owned or controlled by the scoundrels of our history books.

Their real wealth, not yours or mine has been “cut, mined and hauled away so consumers could trash the planet with houses, second houses, cars, RVs, TVs and DVDs— the material possessions we associate with the good life that put the planet on the downward spiral to ecocide.

Although this premise first appeared in Dem Bones is Connected To De Debt Bone (published at The Market Oracle and G. Edward Griffins website January 2009 [5]), the Internet is not buzzing about a theory of ecocide, which would explain the failure of public policies, government actions and inactions to protect the environment.

A theory of ecocide would allow hot, flat, and crowded Thomas L. Friedman to know what planet George W. Bush is on. Our last president Bush (we hope) wasn’t “stupid” if his goal was Ecocide.

At the G8 summit, Dubya was deadly serious about Ecocide when, after rejecting the global climate change targets of the July 2008 G8 summit, he said, “Goodbye, from the (then) world’s biggest polluter.”

He proposed drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, which would trash America’s last arctic wilderness. Sonar testing is about torturing whales and dolphins, and the border fence that keeps everything out but the illegals is disrupting an extraordinary source of biological diversity along a 2,000-mile-long region that includes deserts, mangrove forests, plains, mountains, river valleys and wetlands.

Bush lost the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq, but is winning the war waged on the environment.

A theory of ecocide is also the solution to the enigma of China’s economic policy, which resulted in every person in the (rich) U.S. borrowing about $4,000 from someone in the (poor) People’s Republic of China. China wanted to be the Air Pollution champion of the world and be able to say “Goodbye, from the world’s biggest polluter.” [6]

Cognitive Dissonance could explain why no one is jumping on a theory of ecocide.

After all, the premise that anyone would intentionally damage the planet, which future generations will inherit, contradicts a strongly held belief system that those responsible would have to live with the polluted air, fouled water and a poisoned food chain. [7]

Recently I debated a “critical thinker” trying to convince her the rich aren’t getting wealthy printing their own Monopoly money.  She articulated what we are conditioned to believe from birth:

“When we have more, it is never enough. Everything is about money, it doesn’t matter how much you have you want more, that’s just the way it is and if you are telling me the Federal Reserve isn’t getting rich printing their own money then I can tell you for sure you haven’t looked into this enough.”

And a nearby listener offered up his manly wisdumb, “After all everyone knows, “he who dies with the most toys wins.”

This got me thinking: I should be agreeing with them:

“You guys are right everyone wants more, that’s our nature. But wait, in 1910 they already had 1/6th of the world’s real wealth (some estimate ½): copper, iron ore, petroleum, lead, silver and gold silver, therefore, according to your Greed theory they should have MORE copper, iron ore, petroleum, lead, silver and gold NOT Less.

Are you saying they didn’t know their real wealth would be “used up” and the planet would be damaged when we went shopping?


[1] Civilization is a complex society in which many of the people live in cities and get their food from agriculture, as distinguished from tribal societies where people live in small settlements or nomadic groups and make their subsistence by foraging, hunting, or working small horticultural gardens.

[2] Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité – Providence, Miracle or What Really Happened, Robert Singer

[3] By 1850 the United States following the lead of England built their industrial revolution around textiles.  There arose a great demand for the one crop that does more damage to the environment than planting coffee or even tobacco… Cotton. Today, our planet is in desperate trouble. Earth is suffocating as large tracts of rain forests disappear. Pollution, poisons and chemicals are killing the planet. These problems could have been avoided if the British textile industry hadn’t “suddenly” discovered Cotton. What is Cotton doing in The Game?, Robert Singer

[4] During the last 100 years those swindlers were able to distort the structure of relative prices; generate misallocations of labor and capital throughout the economy; rationalize new governmental interventions in the face of the market “instability” manipulate the patterns of and the profits from international trade which resulted in the Industrial Revolution, the Great Depression, the stagflation of the 1970’s, the dot-com and the housing market bubbles…all of which created unprecedented prosperity for the middle class, $500 trillion of Monopoly money for the House of Rothschild and ecocide for the Planet. “We don’t want your tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to trash the planet” The Federal Reserve, 2009, Robert Singer

[5] Dem Bones is Connected To De Debt Bone, Robert Singer

[6] Meat, Milk and Motors: The New China Syndrome, Robert Singer

[7] Cognitive Dissonance (CD is the discomfort felt at the discrepancy between what you already know or believe, and new information or interpretation that contradicts a strongly held belief system – It’s that queasy feeling that rises in your gut and screams, I Don’t Believe That! Because, if you accepted the new information, you would have to admit you been ”had,” or ”conned,” in this case into shopping for stuff to trash the planet.


Robert Singer is an Entrepreneur and the author of a forthcoming book on the Federal Reserve. His articles cover politics and the financial and environmental implications of our consumer society.  The articles have been main headlined and can be found on numerous popular websites: Marketoracle, Silverseek, Pakistan Daily, Silver Bear Café, Goldseek, Dissident Voice, The Peoples Voice, LAprogressive, Canadafreepress, Opednews, and many of the WordPress sites. Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru, proclaimed him a Junior Mogambo Ranger (JMR).

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  • Tuna Ghost

    “Cognitive Dissonance could explain why no one is jumping on a theory of ecocide.” Yes. No one is jumping on your ridiculous, poorly thought out conspiracy theory with glaring contradictions and bullshit reasoning because of cognitive dissonance.

    Hows the book coming?

  • Sean

    well nature had been trying to kill humanity for such a long time, maybe they wanted payback lol

  • Robert Singer

    I guess the answer ISN'T intuitive because their real wealth WASN'T used up; maybe they still have 1/6th of the world’s real wealth (some estimate ½): copper, iron ore, petroleum, lead, silver and gold silver.

    Tuna Fish, do you know where they are HIDING i?

    Go easy on me, believe it or not we writers have feelings.

    • Tuna Ghost

      Okay, sorry. I suppose that much scorn is uncalled for. But honestly, how is the book coming? I'm curious.

  • Elrock

    My god. The shapechanging lizard aliens are at it again.


    • Peetr

      Is that really ALL you have to say…?? You bring it from reality to, lizards…. again.

      • Robert Singer

        Interesting… Either you did not read “You can respond to them at RMN”

        Or you wanted to make sure your comments were Noticed Here.


        • Peetr

          Nah. I've never heard of RMN. I'm just getting annoyed by the “lizard” thing getting injected into forums everytime interesting ideas are being talked about. Conspiracy of the “troll” people?

  • Kim

    “Hunters, foragers and gatherers are unable to upset the
    ecological structures of the planet.”

    Hmm, all human population are damaging/changing nature.
    It is true that it happens slower in pre-industrial societies
    but it still happens.

    Disappearance of megafauna is linked to arrival of
    hunter/gatherers. This can be verified at Australia,
    Polynesian islands and North-America.

    Research has shown that even ingenious people of
    Amazon are changing nature around them just by
    couraging some plants and removing some.

    Lifestyle of hunter/gatherers is based on exploiting
    local and seasonal resource until it dries out.
    Then tribe heads to new resource and gives old one
    time to recover.
    If there is competition over resource conflicts arise.

    How our modern lifestyle is different from that
    except we do it in bigger scale and there is no
    time or possibility for recovery for the depleted resources.

    We are all cancer cells with high self-esteem
    and good intentions.

    The rule of thumb:
    As long as human population is small enough
    ecosystem is able to recover the damage we are doing.
    As soon as percentage that humans contribute to
    biomass of ecosystem exceeds certain point the
    ecosystem is FUCKED.

    Before it has been done on local scale (Eastern islands,
    Nazca culture, Iceland) but thanks to modern inventions
    it is first time possible to do globaly.

    We will live interesting time.

  • defeatisyourbirthright

    Are you building to the 'why?' they gave away their material wealth in exchange for fiat money? After reading this I feel left without a point.

  • tonyviner

    Can you believe this guy? What makes him think he can just go around trashing the untarnished name of DVD?

  • moontrap

    P.S. What ever happened to all those articles about unusually massacred, megafauna death sites, with animals that had mouthfulls of plant matter, being found whole and frozen in unlikely northern permafrosts?

    • moontrap

      P.S. synchroncity, as i had just read you article woolly savage and the noble mammoth. It steam engines when it's steam engine time,

  • moontrap

    P.S. synchroncity, as i had just read your article 'woolly savage and the noble mammoth'. Seems it does steam engines when it's steam engine time.

  • MalabarFront

    Interesting theory but it's based on the implied premise is that the people who control the planet know what they're doing. I think that the recent meltdown belies this. Sure, you could say that the ultra-rich got ultra-richer by cleaning up at fire sale prices but I would say that for the most part they had simply bought into their own bullshit about the good times going on forever.

    • Robert Singer

      Recent Meltdow?
      Have you considered, Who is “Rewriting the Rules of American ‘Capitalism’”? at disinfo among other sites?

      Didn't know what they were doing….Unlikely

  • t.voeks

    Great job of Half Truths.

  • Hanover

    I still don't get it; Elizabeth's lizard birth… lizards fight for the the best spot on the rock while basilisk-ly enjoying the sun? and the motto goes, only room for one lizard on this here rock – must create elaborate scheme to mastermind georgia stones 500mil # of future population? but there's some hero with Yahweh guiding with the hand of righteousness that will crack/mend the system?

    Gotta be some poor college student, sucking up to this world's puzzle, controlled by imperial elites, forced to eat food that only sustains the body for 30 years before decay of life corrodes youth. i'm off on a huge tangent by this point…but vitruvian man was all about golden arcs and special geomtry. then there's western magick and meditatively relaxed breathing supposedly awakening new fountainheads of awareness? where's the damn shortcuts, must everyday be a wild goose hunt to find one's place in life. and then to top it of, schizophrenia is attached to genius? that's cause we're bouncin around this puzzle trying to solve it. isn't that what kids look like when they're doing puzzles, fidgety and lookin all around for that one piece that fits, and at the end you're so sad it's all over

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