Six Things The New ‘Prisoner’ Changed For The Worse

NumberSixGrenadeI managed to catch the first two hours of the Prisoner remake on AMC and am hoping the next four (it’s a six-hour mini-series) really picks up and does something remarkable. Curious to know what all you fans of the original series think (which can be viewed on AMC’s site here).

No spoilers here, but Number 6 is now played by Jim Caviezel (photo right) of The Passion of the Christ fame and Number 2 by actor extraordinaire, Ian McKellen. (Please note, some spoilers are below):

Charlie Jane Anders writes on

The Prisoner used its premise of a spy trapped in an idyllic, but oppressive, village to ask questions about individuality in a conformist, overly processed society. Here are six ways last night’s remake throws away that rich premise. Spoilers below…

So now that the first two hours of AMC’s remake of The Prisoner have already aired, you’ve had a chance to form your own impressions of the sandy, angsty reimagining of the 1967 classic. (The remaining four hours air tonight and tomorrow night.)

Maybe it’s unfair to compare this show to the original — but if the producers didn’t want that, they should have called it something different. And honestly, even if you pretend that the original show never existed, this snorefest still wouldn’t be winning me over, with its vacuous mysteries and uninvolving plot twists. After reading the comments on my preview post yesterday, I’m aware that some people are really enjoying this remake so far, and I’d love to hear more about what you liked about it. Maybe you’ll even change my mind — but for now, I’m still on the side of the haters.

So here are the six main changes from the original that really didn’t work for me at all.


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  1. Brave New World meets a shiny Bladerunner in a surreal suburbia… A cocktail of sedatives, a hallucinogen and something not classified before. Eugenic matching service distracts from the place where dreamers are trapped by their dreams. “Why don't you arrest him and ask if he's a Dreamer?”

    I liked it.

    • Thanks Peetr for the great summary. I did like the second installment better, still have to see the finale.

  2. tonyviner | Nov 18, 2009 at 1:18 am |

    I wish I had TV channels. Or don't I?

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