Spanish Doctor Reveals Important Information About Swine Flu

Teresa Forcades is a nun at the monastery of Sant-Benet, in Monserra-Barcelona. She is a doctor physician specializing in internal medicine, PHD in public health at Barcelona’s university, specializing in the USA at the State University of New York. She gives verifiable scientific data and the disturbing irregularities related to this subject. This is relevant to all countries, all people.

The interview is in Spanish with clear subtitles in English.

BELL TOLLING for the Swine Flu (CAMPANAS por la gripe A) subtitled from ALISH on Vimeo.


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  1. Asphodelven777 | Nov 3, 2009 at 8:14 pm |

    excellent information, and who can argue with a nun?

  2. ophiuchus | Nov 4, 2009 at 12:12 am |

    Wow… very coherent…..

  3. God bless Sr.Teresa! As she said,the facts are there if you look for them!! As a nurse in NY,I applaud her for stating the truth and the possible reason(s) behind the scare! I agree with her statements wholeheartedly! By the way…I had the swine flu in '76…and I've lasted this long! Baxter also “distributed “contaminated heparin @the same time last year.Food for thought……

  4. manfromuncle | Nov 4, 2009 at 10:23 pm |

    This Sister has done a great job! But Be careful of how you are reading these SUBTITLES…THEY are deceptive and just plain WRONG!
    Whoever has done the subtitles is either really confused or is really trying to mislead the english speaking viewers. The statistics which Sr. quotes are MISQUOTED BIG TIME in english. She states: as of April 17 until September 15th there have been 137 deaths WORLDWIDE and 2,600 cases of infection.
    The Subtitles state that she says that there are 137 deaths in Europe and 3559 deaths worldwide…this is a gross deception!!!

    • at the beginning of the film the editors noted that sister Teresa herself corrected the figures in the subtitles because when she spoke from memory, she understated the real numbers.

    • Reply to manfromuncle:
      No deception, friend. The data is complex. She covers a lot of territory. My first language is Spanish and I know English better than most. I could follow both, her verbal exposition and the written, and she herself makes clear that the figures are from memory and may not be to the T, but not too far from it either. So… ultimately, friend, is not the specific numbers that count, but the specific facts and their implications and meaning. Find the essential and zero in on that, rather than finding fault with minutia. The essential data is what you need to find and sit with. Don't get distracted from the straight and narrow…

  5. John and Jeannette Foolen | Nov 4, 2009 at 10:32 pm |

    My husband and I just got the vaccnine a few days ago. We did out of fear. Now after seeing this, we both regret it. Our arms are very very sore, we have scratchy throats, and feal tired but thanks be to God nothing else as yet. Our grandchildren ages 2 to 11 all have had the flu and are not getting the vaccine, why? since they are not in danger of getting it again. Maybe this was Divine interevention in this case.

  6. son of Mary | Nov 5, 2009 at 12:45 am |

    Thank God. Thank you sister. These hype of a controlled media and propaganda, I personally believe and sense for a while now is up to something sinister, evil. God protect us from all evil doers under Satan, the liar and murderer from the very beginning. Let us declare and shout from the rooftops the divine truth, “GOD HAS MADE US IN HIS OWN IMAGE AND LIKENESS.”

  7. Anonymous | Nov 5, 2009 at 1:47 am |

    It is mentioned twice that Dr. Teresa Forcades herself reviewed and changed the numbers in the subtitles for accuracy -she repeated in the recording that she was giving numbers “by heart”. So the English subtitles have the actual data.
    This doesn't change the facts she is expressing but speaks of her desire for accuracy and truth in real facts.

    I am amazed to see explain my own sense of political manipulation around how this “new” big thing of the swine flue came into headings and to actually affect our daily lives and decisions totally out of the blue.

    Thank you Dr. Sr. Teresa for your courage and effort to pass on important news and data that are not found in our daily media.

    And above all, THANKS BE TO GOD for helping us see what is brooding around us, and for the discovery of this huge deceit of the dangerous vaccines and the pandemia ….

  8. flohollett | Nov 5, 2009 at 7:31 am |

    very interesting and i think the sister is quite knowlegable more than we are here in canada about all these viruses going into our bodies and the consequences of such.

  9. Questioner | Nov 5, 2009 at 9:48 am |

    I am having doubts about this video. The nun seems to ramble and is not making her points clearly. At times she seems to talk just to talk. She mentions 3 biocontainment levels, and I know there are 4. Has anyone checked to see if there really is a nun by that name with her qualifications at this convent? Seems to me this could be a hoax.

    • Oh, please. She is Catalonian, i.e. European, and also a woman. She may seem to “ramble” to us in the US, but that is a trait common to non-Americans….they still use the spoken word, to a far greater degree than we, and her womanly nature probably just makes her go on a bit….I can relate to this, as I do the same. Lislten to the message, and not the manner in which it is being given. What difference if she rambles a bit. The subject matter is somewhat confusing and hard to explain in simple brief sentences. This is someone who is speaking the truth for our benefit, and probably putting herself at some personal risk by doing so. Hmmmm….evil can only succeed if good men stand by and do nothing……My money's on Sister Teresa. She is aptly named too,
      since Teresa of Avila had the same womanly trait of talking a lot. And that didn't take away from her brilliance and holiness in the least.

    • Spaniard | Nov 6, 2009 at 1:54 am |

      This is not a Hoax. But it is a home video.
      Dr. Teresa is a Mediterranean and her first language is not Spanish but Catalan, the dialect of Catalonia -which of course doesn't help when she is trying to find the exact word. There are times when she asks for help to other people present by saying the word in Catalan.
      She is doing this presentation under certain stress and certainly taking some risks.

      The community she belongs to is a Benedictine monastery, they don't seem to have a website but this is their information.

    • seems to you it is a hoax because she digresses in her conversations??why are people so reluctant to see the truth for what it is? i'll tell you what the hoax is. swine flu being a natural disease. and that it is going to kill you unless you get the vaccine which was properly tested and was made to help us…that is the hoax.

  10. st paul of st ives | Nov 5, 2009 at 11:03 am |

    many thanks for this precious information mother Teresa

  11. As a Canadian Nurse, it is my opinion that Sr. Teresa's science, history & assessments are overall very accurate. Everything I have seen indicates that the “new” strain is LESS dangerous than the regualr seasonal flu. And her points about the adjuvants are very true. Here in Canada, for eg., the have made special vaccine without adjuvants for pregnant women – they don't want to take the risk the regular vaccine may cause.
    I wish she had addressed the question of this strain hitting more children & young people seriously, even with death, and linked that to her concerns about the vaccine. That is a question that I would have for her.
    Also, I wish the website she mentions on the video was linked here, by Vimeo, so that people could see the data, papers, research available directly.

    • intuitivethinker | Nov 5, 2009 at 3:20 pm |

      Finally another person who recognizes that Baxter/Novartis is up to something sinister. Anyone else aware of the lawsuit filed through the FBI against WHO by investigative journalists for conspiracy to comitt mass murder??? Hope that big business pharmaceutical companies don't squash this with their BILLIONS.

      • You can find the interview with Jane Buergermeister on the Project Camelot website. I think she tried to file a lawsuit but I don't think she has been successful. She is not being taken seriously by the Powers That Be. She's like a gadfly trying to call attention to suspicious acts by Baxter and the WHO, but there have been logistical problems in actually filing a real lawsuit. I think that Sister Teresa might have misreported this.

      • I think that all of you talking about “mass murder” by the drug industry are actually doing a HUGE disfavor to the presentation of Sr. Teresa. Her main point is NOT that… her main point is to encourage us all to defend our individual rights based on a more independent information of facts! That is her GREAT contribution, don't inflame more the subject with sick rethoric (although she does convey an unfortunate hint of conspiracy). Doing that, only obscure the real topic and promotes hatred, unless you want to compete with Beck and associates at Fox.

  12. Miroslaw Wiechowski | Nov 6, 2009 at 11:07 am |


  13. Interesting | Nov 6, 2009 at 12:39 pm |

    I guess I'm always skeptical of conspiracy theories–with the dearth on information coming from all sources (as she admits) how can you hide the “one group is out to kill another group via a vaccine” theory that she she hints at? Also, isn't it true that if we all turn down the vaccine, won't we be helping it spread and through spreading (increasing numbers), we're increasing the chances of a mutation? Responsibly getting vaccinated with the prevalent strain will help keep the numbers of infected down, thus decreasing the possibility of a mutation. I haven't seen the figures, but isn't there a greater proportion of children that fall seriously ill due to H1N1 than the “common” yearly flu? So, her statistics that the H1N1 is a gentler, friendlier flu than the normal, seasonal flu could be misleading. We'd need a demographical breakdown of the statistics to know for sure.

    • Yes, it's true that this flu is more dangerous for children, you can find the statistics for the U.S. (if you trust them) on the CDC website. According to their data 85 children have died from this strain as of October 31st. I roll my eyes at conspiracy theories, and “mass murder” seems like a big business risk for Baxter, but I'd like to know what the investigation into this “accidental” contamination shows. Could it be sabotage? Maybe someone internal to Baxter (disgruntled scientist with Megalomaniac aspirations?) may have mixed the strains with the intent of pinning the blame for something like “starting a world pandemic” on Baxter? I'm not saying Baxter is an innocent little company, but something like this seems awfully stupid as a business decision. You get caught, you go down… and the company with you. So, maybe the reason this is not being discussed much, is because there's an ongoing investigation? Either way, whoever did this, if it was intentional, is pure evil.

  14. This should be seen by all the “people” in the world and let all the people make their own opinion of it. The more information the better… this was excellent in my opinion.. it makes perfect sense…. Thank you.

  15. macgregor_83 | Nov 9, 2009 at 4:25 am |

    agradecemos desde mexico este comentario donde no solo, hicieron de esta gripa un caos nacional al grado de colapsar parte de la economia y crear leyes que destruyen los derechos que debe tener cualquier ciudadano, creando un panico nacional, promovido por los medios y por el gobierno.
    Hay que abrir los ojos ante situaciones como esta y no dejar, ni permitir, que sigan jugando con la salud de la gente.

  16. I encountered some problems with the presentation, and didn't finish it. First, the 1977 H1N1 virus was not the one recovered from an Eskimo and re-synthesized in a lab. (That technology did not exist until the 1990's and that experiment was done in 1999. Here's the abstract:

    “The “Spanish” influenza pandemic killed over 20 million people in 1918 and 1919, making it the worst infectious pandemic in history. Here, we report the complete sequence of the hemagglutinin (HA) gene of the 1918 virus. Influenza RNA for the analysis was isolated from a formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded lung tissue sample prepared during the autopsy of a victim of the influenza pandemic in 1918. Influenza RNA was also isolated from lung tissue samples from two additional victims of the lethal 1918 influenza: one formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded sample and one frozen sample obtained by in situ biopsy of the lung of a victim buried in permafrost since 1918. The complete coding sequence of the A/South Carolina/1/18 HA gene was obtained. The HA1 domain sequence was confirmed by using the two additional isolates (A/New York/1/18 and A/Brevig Mission/1/18). The sequences show little variation. Phylogenetic analyses suggest that the 1918 virus HA gene, although more closely related to avian strains than any other mammalian sequence, is mammalian and may have been adapting in humans before 1918.” PNAS February 16, 1999 vol. 96 no. 4 1651-1656

    Second, the 1977 virus was actually a 1950 strain, not the 1918 strain, which may have escaped from a lab somewhere. Third, the NEJM article says “probably an accidental release”, not “established fact, as Sister Teresa says. Here is the misquoted passage from the actual NEJM article:

    ” Even though human influenza A (H1N1) virus had not circulated since 1957 and the swine influenza A (H1N1) virus that had been identified at Fort Dix did not extend outside the base, in November 1977, the H1N1 strain reemerged in the former Soviet Union, Hong Kong, and northeastern China. This strain affected primarily young people in a relatively mild presentation.18,30 Careful study of the genetic origin of the virus showed that it was closely related to a 1950 strain but dissimilar to influenza A (H1N1) strains from both 1947 and 1957. This finding suggested that the 1977 outbreak strain had been preserved since 1950.30 The reemergence was probably an accidental release from a laboratory source in the setting of waning population immunity to H1 and N1 antigens.19,31″

    After this much error I quit listening. This is a classic case of an activist who is ending up putting her zealotry before the facts. I looked up Sister Teresa, who has written a book on the crimes and abuses of the pharmaceutical industry. I am no fan of that industry, and I do not give any of my time to their salesmen. (I am one of only 15% of doctors who decline to meet with drug reps.) However I think her failure to respect the facts taints whatever conspiracy theory she has come up with.

  17. carlosartieda | Nov 11, 2009 at 2:00 pm |

    Madre Teresa,

    Gracias por su información. En mi corazón sentí el no vacunar a mi familia. Como padre de 10 me preguntaba si había tomado la decisión correcta al no vacunar a mi familia. Su información realmente me confirma y me da tranquilidad.

    Que Dios la bendiga!

    Carlos Y Monica

  18. anonymous | Nov 12, 2009 at 5:41 am |

    wow. if so many people just take what someone says as fact because it shows up on the internet in a nun outfit and sounds convincing, i am frightened. has no one heard of fact-checking? curious that she doesn't give specific references for any of her “scientific facts”, just throws out the name of various medical journals. have any of you looked at all these “facts” that she is quoting to see if they are real? do you know how to do a literature search in the medical journals? so sad… you must be the same people that fall for those email scams, like where bill gates is going to pay you a ton of money if you just forward this email on to 50 other people, bla bla bla… i don't care if you don't get the vaccine, or if you do wire a bunch of money to nigeria. it's your life, your money. but if you care about your friends and loved ones, i might recommend you check to see if that nigerian prince is real before you try to convince others to throw their money away, too. this is not the great pandemic of 1918. but that doesn't mean that people aren't dying or falling terribly ill from it – even the seasonal flu is no laughing matter. let people make their own decision based on balanced information, not nuns on the internet. wtf?

    • so because she is a nun the the info mst not be true? sounds like you have something against nuns. why is it that whenever someone tries to tell the truth, they are written off as crazy? is it because no one wants to accept it? what would make you say that the people that believe this kind of thing are gullible idiots, the same ones that fall for email scams? what do you even know about the WHO and CDC? you just hear something that isn't accepted by the main stream media and you immediately scoff it off. did you know that the patent for the vaccine was applied for BEFORE the h1n1 fiasco even started? hmm….

  19. Caring nothing for the conspiracy portion, I have previously decided to NOT get the vaccine for the simple reason it(H1N1) is factually and under documentation of being less harmful than the “typical” yearly strains and the Vaccine has much more severe side effects. I can miss work for a few days, just like each and every time I get the flu, to recover/rest and not worry about side effects.

  20. Raymond,

    This version of the video has a glaring inaccuracy at the 5:16 mark. The inaccuracy is in the translation. I speak fluent Spanish and can guarantee you that Teresa says that there are “137 documented deaths, (she never says in Europe) and 3,600 cases of infection,” not 3,600 deaths worldwide like the translation reads….

    thought you might care to know

    Rafael with Evolver

    • Yes, right, but so what? In a long exposition such as she gives and from memory, the miracle would be if it were free of errors. The error you point out does not signify in terms of her thesis and its essential message. It is with that, her thesis and message, you need be concerned.

  21. way to throw in the word conspiracy theory at the end, id doc. you talk about looking up facts? the facts are that the vaccine is the true danger while this swine flu, created in a lab, is just the excuse. take a look at what is going on in the ukraine right now. why is the idea of a vaccine considered good in the first place? this is all bigger than you think. drug companies are one of the major evils in this world right now and the sooner people accept this the better. it is time to wake up children.

  22. A. Cristina | Nov 18, 2009 at 3:28 am |

    Highly relevant information presented in a clear manner. However, the presentation is less than effective because of its length and verbosity. I'd strongly suggest eliminating from it the excess, that the essential facts and relevant data may stand up more clearly. Too long. Too many digressions unessential to the central points. Amazingly, the presentation IS effective but I wonder how many people will remain with it to the end!

    It frightens me to consider that the 'intent' may well be the elimination of our excess millions–maybe a billion or two? That people may actually be 'forced' by law to be vaccinated against their will. This would put smack in the heart of a police state! with no where else to escape to. Horrifying thought! As if GMO's and Monsanto weren't enough already! Lord help us, how close are we to such a state of affairs?
    On the other hand, if left to its own inner dynamics as we are indeed doing, a growing population and its growing demands on infrastructure and planetary systems will soon enough decimate numbers without outside help. That there are those convinced global control by any means is their 'duty,' I do not doubt. But there is one agency, one force they cannot control and apparently haven't reckoned with. No, I don't mean airy-faerie or spiritual mumbo-jumbo stuff. I mean the down-on-earth impact we ourselves are having and the inevitable effects of that impact we are already experiencing–globally. On all fronts.

  23. Thanks, Sr. Theresa, for taking a risky stand and letting the cat out of its secret bag! Much appreciated. If you can do the video again, do consider shortening it, eliminating digressions. In America people have difficulty staying tune to long expository presentations, and it is in America that people need to hear your thesis and message and WAKE UP to hidden realities.

    One other suggestion: at the end the screen shows names and websites but too fast for me, and possibly others, to catch. Could this info stay on the screen a bit longer? It's be useful.

    Again, many thanks.

  24. I'm with ID doc!

    Sorry, but this video is completely propaganda!

    This “nun” (who wears slacks to interviews and, despite having a nun's vows is avidly pro-abortion) is an anti-pharmeceutical activist who distorts the truth or lies outright on many issues. She's written a book called “The Crimes of the Great Pharmaceutical Companies.” Hmmm… What do you expect her to say about this vaccine? She may have an MD degree, but she does not practice medicine, she has no experience with H1N1 patients. I do.

    There are dozens of falsehoods in her interview, including how she distorts and lies about the H1N1 timeline from 1918-1957-1977-2009. (it's not the same strain, it didn't escape from a lab, the 1918 strain was recovered from an frozen Inuit Indian… in 1998 and sequenced in 2005, not in 1977), or how the WHO changed its definition of pandemic to not include mortality (it never included mortality because “pandemic” is an epidemiological term that has nothing to do with virulence) and that it did so to “order” countries to undertake forcible mass vaccinations (it never said that, and it cannot “order” because it has no legal capacity to do so), or stating that in Massachussets they will fine you $1,000 if you don't get vaccinated (anyone from MA can attest to this lie), or that you shouldn't take the vaccine because it will likely give you Guillan Barre syndrome (all flu vaccines carry about a 1 in 1 million risk of Guillan Barre. But considering there's about a 1 in 1,000 chance of death with flu, and that the flu itself is far more likely to precipitate Guillan Barre, which do you think is worse?). I could go on, including how she suspects Baxter tried to create an avian flu pandemic because one loony reporter said so, and filed a lawsuit (which, BTW also named Obama, Sibelius, Soros, NATO, WHO and even the UN as co-conspirators), but I'll stop here.

    I challenge any who doubt me to check out this blog entry on the myths and facts of the vaccine:

    • Are you truly an ID doc? At least Sr. Teresa gives her full name and doesn't disguide herself behind some initials. That is a lot more trustworthing to me that your claims of truth! Yes, I did go to your “site”… another anonymous site full of political anti-government propaganda. So, if you want to be taken seriously, identify yourself in full and present information in a serious way!

  25. This is a repeat of history … Here is a 60 minute special from 1979 with so many similarities, except this time around the flu vaccine has more additives that make it more effective, and thus more harmful to the immune system.…. You may be able to watch the 1979 swine flu vaccine warning from 60 Minutes on youtube as well. Yes this video was long, but a lot of passion went into sharing her views. It is buyer beware. Then deal with the consequences. My partner just got the flu and took chlorine dioxide a well known pathogen killer and it was gone in two and a half days. No risks, no side effects.

  26. Lillian Marie Hennessy | Nov 20, 2009 at 8:30 am |

    BRAVO SISTER TERESA FORCADES!!! No one can dismiss your very precise and scholarly and courageous revelations, unless they are part of the WHO – the World Hell Organization – for that is surely where the NWO was really begun and perpetuated.

    L.M. Hennessy

    • Umm, Lillian, you sound like a nice Catholic girl, no? Then you might want to know that Sor Forcades is not your average ordinary nun. She's a political activist that usually does not stay in her convent. She loves to go around in modern attire (pants and all), and supports a woman's right to abort. She supports the use of the “morning after” pill. On a Spanish TV program, she stated, “”God has placed the life of the fetus -while unviable- in the hands of its mother… the decision to abort is indivisible from the mother's self-determination, from her personal liberty. This intimate relationship between the two lives makes it impossible to save the life of the child against the will of the mother without trespassing upon the mother's liberty.”

      I suggest you check out this blog entry before laying more adulations on Sor Forcades:

      P.S. I do not work for the WHO, and have no interest in a NWO…

      • People who aren't Catholic don't care about Rome's stand on abortion. We are talking flu and flu vaccines. I would be happy to take a vaccine the old fashioned way — a scratch on the arm and the dead virus rubbed into it. The body creates natural immunity from the virus but SYNTHETIC, drastically increased immunity from the adjuvants which can lead to autoimmune diseases. This reminded me of Big Pharma trying to sell their synthetic, dangerous HRT and trying to ban the safe, natural bioidentical HRT which cuts into their profits. Follow the money!

        • Indeed, people are free to think what they want about abortion. But Sor Forcades is not only a Catholic, but a nun at that. When you have a nun -ostensibly an emissary of the Catholic Church- advocating abortion, it makes you wonder. If she can discard her vows to the Church, I wonder what else she could be discarding?

          If you live in the US, the whole adjuvant argument is moot, as none of the US vaccines have them. If you live in Europe, they've been in use for years, with no evidence of major adverse events. Besides the deep, quasi-religious belief that synthetic = bad, natural = good, what evidence can you present? What autoimmune diseases are you talking about? Guillan Barre? A one-in-a-million phenomenon with flu vaccines? Do you realize that viral infections (like the flu) are far more likely to precipitate Guillan Barre? So if that's your biggest fear, I suggest you vaccinate yourself….

          Follow the data, not the hype!

      • Sure not… You are a FAKE ID DOC!!!

  27. Is this really the truth? I read the article from Jane Burgermeister, and also read she was a radical far right wing evangelistic person. Don’t know what to think!

  28. Is this really the truth? I read the article from Jane Burgermeister, and also read she was a radical far right wing evangelistic person. Don't know what to think!

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