Star Trek-like Phaser Developed

From the Telegraph:

However, anyone hoping that the machine will become a powerful new weapon could be disappointed, scientists have only proven the effect on worms.

A phaser traditionally emits a beam capable of stunning or killing an enemy.

Researchers have now found a way to paralyse tiny worms when they expose them to ultraviolet light.

Even when the ultraviolet light was turned off the animals stayed stunned.

However, if they were subsequently exposed to a different form of light they recovered again and were able to move.

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4 Comments on "Star Trek-like Phaser Developed"

  1. tonyviner | Nov 19, 2009 at 3:54 pm |

    How would you like to commit suicide with one of those?

  2. Tricorder, check.
    Phaser, check.
    I'm really looking forward to the teleporter and the holodeck.

  3. So I see how it plays out now, we are using phasers on worms now, but in the future the worms can go in through your ear canal and control your mind.


  4. So it is actually nothing at all like a phaser at all.
    Talk about misleading readers with a title.

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