Swine Flu Nun Mired In Abortion Rights Controversy

We recently ran a story about Teresa Forcades, the doctor and nun at the monastery of Sant-Benet, in Monserra-Barcelona, Spain, with her clear and informative video about the origins of H1N1 flu. The story and video were very popular and many sites linked to it, including Spirit Daily, a religious site. But Spirit Daily is very much against abortion, and decided that the Sister’s pro-choice comments made her persona non grata on their site. Now they’re rethinking that dogmatic decision:

We removed a video she made — circulated on YouTube — when we learned that despite the holy monastic setting of Montserrat (one of the world’s oldest sites of Marian devotion), and despite her scientific credentials, as well as her calm manner of presentation, Sister Forcades had spoken publicly in favor of a woman’s “right” to terminate a pregnancy. That had occurred during Spain’s recent national debate on abortion and drew a rebuke from Cardinal Franc Rodé, prefect for the Vatican’s Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, who, we learned, had sent a letter to her abbess demanding that Sister Forcades conform to Church doctrine.

In our view, the fact that Sister Forcades held a pro-choice position compromised the trust we could place in her judgment of other matters — including what she had to say about swine flu. She is author of The Crimes of the Great Pharmaceutical Companies, a book that denounces the political and economic power acquired by the drug corporations. Thus, when it comes to “Big Pharma” (as the pharmaceutical giants are known), she is not entirely objective.

But to many, what the nun-physician had to say was galvanizing — leading to a flurry of e-mails requesting and even demanding for us to repost the video. For in a low-key, methodical, and scientific manner, she mirrored what others in the “alternative media” have been asserting, some with legitimate concerns, some with questionable facts, which we will now endeavor to explore: that something unusual is afoot in recent epidemics and vaccinations.

Please bear with us. This is a lengthy article. You may want to print it. Bear also with the technicalities.

The swine-flu “pandemic,” charges the nun, is exaggerated and might lead to vaccination with materials that are potentially more dangerous than the flu itself. Included in her concerns is an additive or “adjuvant” called squalene, which she says was also an additive in the vaccine suspected of causing illness among soldiers in the first Gulf War. There are also trace amounts of formaldehyde or a compound called thimerosal (which contains mercury). Some believe such compounds have led to allergies and even autism in children given other kinds of vaccines. Thus far, pointed out Sister Forcades, swine flu has a lower mortality than regular seasonal flu, and the questions she raised: why, if it has a low mortality rate, has it been declared such an “emergency”? Why has there been the rush to protect the public with an untested vaccine? …

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