Taxidermist Brings Flying Monkeys and Frankensquirrels to Unlife

Lauren Davis writes on

Need an unusual gift for the cryptozoologist in your life? Sculptor Sabrina Brewer‘s medium is dead animals, which she mixes and matches to create fantastical creatures, from the more traditional griffins and unicorns to El Chupacabra and undead three-headed squirrels.


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  • paulinelaila

    It may be gross for some people but I'm fine if it's just a form of art. The tree headed squirrel seems a bit wrong for me though.. google sniper

  • tonyviner

    My dog would love some kind of duck/rabbit. Make me a duck/rabbit.

  • Google Sniper

    the flying money freaked me out.

  • Google Sniper

    the flying money freaked me out.

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