Teacher Claims Fingerprinting Is ‘Mark of the Beast’

From Wired:

A 22-year veteran kindergarten teacher in the Texas Bible Belt could lose her job for refusing, on religious grounds, to give fingerprints under a state law requiring them.The evangelical Christian, Pam McLaurin, is fighting a looming suspension, claiming that fingerprinting amounts to the “Mark of the Beast,” and hence is a violation of her First Amendment right to practice her religion. Her case is similar to a lawsuit by a group of Michigan farmers, some of them Amish, challenging rules requiring the tagging of livestock with RFID chips, saying the devices are also the devil’s mark.

The latest case is the first in which a teacher is refusing fingerprinting on religious grounds, the woman’s lawyer said. The U.S. Supreme Court has yet to decide whether the First Amendment is implicated in fingerprinting, especially at a time when states, local governments and civic organizations are increasingly making them mandatory for anyone wanting to drive a car or coach a youth basketball team.

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  1. I totally agree with their right of refusal to be fingerprinted for religous reasons. Although I don't hold the same eschatological views, I would say that ultimately, It should be unconstitutional for the goverment to coerse someone's right to privacy. Although I'm sure there are those who would say that figerprinting someone is not a privacy issue but a security issue. Faulty reasoning I believe.

    • As a teacher, I can guarantee that parents are the ones DEMANDING the fingerprinting to make sure this 22-year veteran kindergarten teacher isn't wanted for a bank robbery or child murder in the seventies. Though the teacher has been at this for a while, her ludicrous and highly “convenient” religious beliefs (in the likely viewpoint of concerned parents) do not allow her to get around this. Fingerprinting is a prerequisite for continued employ as a teacher. If she is going to quote her insane interpretation of farmers 2000 years dead, she can try to find a job with those pharmacists who tried to deny birth control pills.

      • Xen thanks for clearing that up for me. I read into that article a bit too much. A teacher should have to give fingerprints if only because of the nature of the job. Close contact with children, so there should be higher levels of accountabilty.

      • Christian | Nov 9, 2009 at 11:57 am |

        When Jesus calls his children home and I am flying away, I will look back, laugh and say “I told you so”.

        • I'm pretty sure that would be reason enough for Jesus to frown on your shenanigans. You'd better up your humility and compassion if you think Jesus is going to grant you a jetpack.

  2. This lady believes in a lot of made up crap.

    However, da gubbimint shouldn't do this just because she says so. Thats all the reason she needs. fucking pigs.

  3. security is an illusion, if fingerprinting can be compelled what is to stop compulsory collection of genetic data.
    the government has been using a terror campaign against it's citizens for decades to force collection of fingerprints, when i was young the line was to help find children if they're kidnapped now it has created terrorism as a perfect orwellian device to force compliance, people need to wake up and stop letting themselves be boxed in by the us government, just ask a native american how it usually turns out

    • Word Eater | Nov 7, 2009 at 10:53 pm |

      I visited city hall yesterday and they had a notice that said, “For security reasons, please finish all mobile phone conversations before approaching the counter.”

      “security” and “terrorism” can be used for nearly any purpose at all it seems.

      It is already frequently used to harass photographers taking pictures of public locations.

  4. Word Eater | Nov 7, 2009 at 8:50 pm |

    It shouldn't matter why she doesn't want to give fingerprints.

    Claiming religious persecution is just an easy way to get heard by the media.

  5. Hey, I say use whatever means you can to achieve the result you desire. In this case the women is using the first amendment to secure her privacy. Do what you must to preserve your right to move freely without potential restriction of your freedoms.

  6. I think this is fair…as long as EVERY aspect of her life is documented to be also according to a literal interpretation of the Bible. If this is not the case, then the she has no grounds as I believe only someone who follows exactly the letter of their religious law should claim religious belief to say, get out of working on Sunday or something like this teacher is doing. So if the female teacher, say…wears pants or has short hair or wears makeup or jewelry, which are expressly denounced in the Bible, then she's just trying be a Pharisee and make a public show of religion without actually practicing it.

    Getting fingerprinted is not a literal interpretation of the Bible itself however, as the “number in their forehead” is a sign of Obama's…I mean, the Beast's effort to register everybody so he can put them in a Reformed Health Care System…I mean, interment camps, gas chambers, Soylent Green Processing Plants, etc…unless in Texas the forehead is often confused with the fingertips.

    Considering 77.5% of people in Texas don't know their ass from a hole in the ground, this may be likely.

    The point on which this argument actually falls apart is: Texas being a conservative state, fully in teh Bible Belt, full of flat-earthers and snake-handlers…itself has this law requiring kids to be fingerprinted. I refer you back to the ass vs hole in the ground statistic.

    Fingerprinting is to protect the kids. It's not a mark of the beast. And these Xians really should read their bible. Because the beast can't put his mark on you until after he reveals himself to the world (Tonight on David Letterman: Ray Liotta, Cameron Diaz and The Beast) and at that point, according to the Bible, alla these Xians will have already been beamed up to the USS Paradise.


  7. I just want to add that we cannot have absolute freedom and security at the same time. We have had, in the past presidential administration, the most aggravated abrogation of basic rights since the Civil War. Serious affronts to our privacy and freedom cannot be confronted seriously if fingerprinting a teacher to make sure he/she is not a sex offender, felon or a Scientologist is considered an invasion of privacy or the abrogation of personal freedom.

    I recently changed phone numbers and my privacy is invaded on a constant basis with these folks trying to sell me magazine subscriptions, with political robocalls, with heaving breathing and variations on “fancy a tumble, squire?” This is life. But I can now put a request in to put me on your do not call list, especially you, you heavy-breathing little tart.

    Unwarranted tapping of phone and internet traffic IS an invasion of privacy and is also against our constitution. So I fully expect this teacher to, due to her new crusade against this sort of thing, to take Dubya to court.

    So yes, we have to get our minds straight regarding what is invasion of privacy and what is not. But this teacher is the sort of person who thinks Jesus turned water into grape juice so must be taken as seriously as a 911 call that contains the words: son. floating. balloon.

    fiat lux

  8. Is it just me or is government getting too big? We used to be the land of the free. Now we have to submit fingerprints for all licenses. Big brother is out of control. Nazi Germany wasn't this controlling. I have nothing to hide but object to the government creating a database on all citizens for identification purposes. What's next, DNA samples being required of all babies born in America? What happened to the right to privacy?

  9. Mrs McCluskey | Nov 9, 2009 at 10:59 am |

    She teaches KG! I'm a headteacher, I would sack her.

  10. I’m pretty sure that would be reason enough for Jesus to frown on your shenanigans. You’d better up your humility and compassion if you think Jesus is going to grant you a jetpack.

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