Ten Reasons My Hardcore Scene Is Better Than Your Hardcore Scene

From Nick P. at Black Sun Gazette

Picking up where my last article left off, I’m going to gloat. The hardcore bands I listened to in high school are way better than the hardcore bands you listened to in high school. These are the bands of my youth, more or less. The bands I spent my entire paycheck on. The bands I would ride the T up to Boston to see. The bands whose patches I spent hours meticulously sewing patches onto my flight jacket and jeans. These are the bands I lived and died by. A big thank you to all of them for saving me from a life a misery.

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4 Comments on "Ten Reasons My Hardcore Scene Is Better Than Your Hardcore Scene"

  1. Come on, guy. You're basically posting your diary here every other day. You've defended it in past posts with, “if you don't like the info I'm providing, we can discuss it,” but this is purely you and your opinion–not quite alternative news.

    Disinfo has a been a boon to myself and many others, but this type of posting is confusing the message, and–for younger readers I'm assuming–makes it hard to filter the meat from the fluff. If we all started posting our personal blogs, this site would become another syndication service where the “I” and localized opinion muddy the message.

    Try Ping.fm to boost your readership throughout the Interwebs.

    • My advice:

      Respond to the material or ignore it. It's cultural information. Sorry that I'm not posting the latest paranoid Alex Jones pap or an interview with Ron Paul.

      • Why don't I record a fart and link to it, titling, “Cultural Information: That Was Quite the Esoteric Meal.” Or link to a pic of an old man; “2.5 Reasons My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad.”

        …Not asking for Alex Jones or Ron Paul material… just responding to the post. Maybe you just didn't like the response you got. Just sayin'.

  2. Joe Mama | Nov 6, 2009 at 1:28 pm |

    I'm assuming someone gives a sh*t about you and your awful music, fugly clothes, and bad attitude… but not me.

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