Texas Governor Says There Were Three Shooters At Fort Hood

Texas Gov. Rick Perry comments on the Ft. Hood shooting and surprisingly says there were three shooters…

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  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/PDDVWRQVUPMKRGHURIEQVNYWHQ Sean

    great, more phantom shooters in texas,

  • Chief Habenero

    He obviously is not up to date during this early, live interview. He even says that he doesn't want to comment too much and make the actual story hazy.

    While the title of this post is “true,” it's misleading. Isn't the purpose of Disinfo to lift the veil, not create another?

  • cntin

    Why isn't the News Media reporting three shooters?

  • cntin

    Why aren't the News Medias reporting 3 shooters?

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