The Crazy Dianetics & Scientology Holiday Catalog!

Girl blog Jezebel has come up with a great find! Make sure to click through the gallery to view “gotta see it to believe it” gifts such as a collection of 18 Nigerian goatskin-bound books of The Basics for $2,000 and a $4,650 E-Meter (in a wide range of colors, shown at right):

A million thank yous to the reader who mailed me the Dianetics & Scientology Holiday catalog! With so much crazytown inside, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

While Scientology has been going through tough times lately — a French court convicted the church of fraud and Oscar-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis resigned publicly — spokesperson Tommy Davis says the church is flourishing: assets and property holdings have doubled over the past five years. Is some of that cash from the catalog sales? Maybe!


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  • girlmachine

    For those of you still confused about what to get me for Christmas, I'd like the large gold OT bracelet (with diamonds). And don't worry, I'm clear. The quantum e-meter also, in blue please, to match my eyes.

    I'd also really like someone to put a hardcover on that catalog, so I can keep in on my coffee table.

  • joenolan

    I have always been interested in the E-meter. William Burroughs flirted with Scientology, but mostly came away with a respect for the E-meter and the bio-feedback aspect it could bring to psychotherapy.

    I am also reminded – as I saw him play last night – of the Leonard Cohen song “Famous Blue Raincoat” with it's ominous/Scientology-inspired chorus.

    Jane came by with a lock of your hair.
    She said that you gave it to her
    The night that you planned to go Clear.
    Did you ever go Clear?

  • Anonymous

    Everything should have the option to come in ‘Planetary Dissemination Blue’.

  • Dumbsaint

    Everything should have the option to come in 'Planetary Dissemination Blue'.