The Top 5 Plans to Ensure the Continuity of our Species

If you’re really interested in what needs to be done to “ensure” our survival, forget the naysayers and check out a 2012 Evolver Spore this week. If you’re near NYC, some of us from the Disinformation Home Base will be there. The hosts of the Disinformation Podcasts, Raymond Wiley and Joe McFall, will be at the Atlanta Spore.

This is pretty funny, in the 2012 movie the “U.S.-run Institute for Human Continuity” saves the day. Hooray for USA! Robert Lamb writes on Discovery News:

If you’ve seen the trailer for the fall blockbuster-bound 2012, then you pretty much know the entire plot: Earth’s crust collapses like a failed souffle, deadly meteor showers chase John Cusack’s van and ancient Mayans scoff that they totally called it.

In just 157 minutes of screen time, civilization collapses and the U.S.-run Institute for Human Continuity somehow overcomes partisan politics and begin loading survivors onto ships to ride out doomsday.

The “2012” viral marketing campaign managed to stir legitimate concerns over humanity’s ability to survive a possible extinction event. There’s no such thing as the Institute for Human Continuity, but that doesn’t mean real scientists haven’t thought long and hard about the survival of the human race.

We’re about to fly through five scientific takes on doomsday survival and the plans they entail, so hold on to that steering wheel. (More on Discovery News)