UFO Crashes Finally Revealed

LAS VEGAS (Wireless Flash) — Roswell isn’t the only UFO crash to ever happen on Earth.

Today (Nov. 6) through Sunday (Nov. 8), UFO researcher Ryan Wood will gather with peers in Las Vegas for the 7th Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference.

The event showcases hard evidence of UFO crashes on Earth, from newspaper clippings and eyewitness reports to actual pieces of flying saucer wreckage.

Wood estimates there have been more than 300 UFO crashes on Earth over the years. He’s personally aware of about 100 of them.

He says the lesser-known incidents — like a mysterious crash in Mexico that the CIA covered up by killing witnesses and hiding evidence — are usually the most credible.

However, he can also see why aliens would gravitate to the highly-publicized site in Roswell, New Mexico. Since New Mexico is where the atomic bomb and other scientific devices originated, Wood believes advanced E.T. civilizations would find the state rather appealing.


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