Wake From Cryonics

Here’s an interesting idea. Finance your cryogenic preservation using life insurance — and then leave a huge death benefit to your future thawed self!

“Most in the middle class, if they seriously want it, can afford it now. So by taking the right steps, you can look forward to waking up one bright future morning from cryopreservation the proud owner of a bank account brimming with money!”

But there’s one important caveat. Some insist that money “will have no meaning in a future dominated by advanced molecular manufacturing or other engines of mega-abundance.

“In this case waking from cryonics rich or poor would be exactly the
same…” (This article first appeared in the fall issue of H+ magazine…)

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  1. Yeah, but it a loaf of bread might cost 23 billion dollars then…

  2. yeah but a loaf of bread might cost 23 billion dollars then

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