WTF: There Is An American Idol ‘2012’ Music Video

I first came across the music video through advertisements on digg, I really didn’t know you could cross-promote American Idol with disaster porn. The song is called “Time for Miracles” … Oh, Hollywood mega-marketing machine, what will you think of next?

This has got to be the most ridiculous pop-disaster porn combo since the KISS video for “Lick It Up” (when they took off the makeup in the ’80s). Makes me laugh every time I see it:

  • Yazi

    Are you saying that “Lick It Up” isn't art?

    • ralph

      Oh, of course not! Listen to what the masters say in this song:

      “It ain't a crime to be good to yourself.”

      Wiser words were never spoken.

  • tonyviner

    There is no way that those dudes weren't banging each other, I mean just look at the Starchild, he is practically begging for it.

  • Word Eater

    Thank God they put the make up back on.

    I mean… ugh.