Your Very Own Hex Sign

Pennsylvania hex sign painting is a type of traditional folk art that is alternately viewed as a decorative tradition and as talisman fashioning. The symbols and designs on the signs may represent a family line or locality or they may have magical power to protect a barn from lightning or ensure a bountiful harvest. Check out these great images of Hex Signs and follow the links to eBay to find one of your own.

What the hex?

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  • tt

    please learn the difference between “your” and “you're” before you post something on a website for people to read…terrible.

    • InternetGrammarFairy

      LoL, “your” an asshole. Please learn the difference between tactlessness and good manners before engaging with other humans… thanks.

      • Sean

        when did good manners ever have anything to do with the internet?

        • InternetGrammarFairy

          True; however, I believe the same goes for proper grammar.

      • bad-mannered person

        It got fixed! Anyway, if being disgusted at someone failing to remember their third grade english lesson makes me a tactless asshole, then I'll gladly embrace it. I'm glad you're so concerned about people's feelings getting hurt from random comments to their shitty posts. Now, go drive into a bridge abutment.

    • Loree

      who cares! If that picky bet you are very difficult 2 live w/-feel bad 4 your relatives.

  • girlmachine

    I really like these. There are no more of the full-size signs on eBay right now, but there is a good amount of vintage hex sign jewelry. Very inexpensive, too.

  • radiac

    I like these too. Something very zen-like about them.

  • joenolan

    I'm confused…

    Was there a typo in my post? Certainly wasn't trying to offend anyone if I let something slip through that wasn't perfect. These posts tend to be sort of impulsive in nature and I may not always be as careful as one could be.

    I was just excited about these great designs. I also posted one about a book of Pennsylvania Dutch folk magic that is on the main page currently.

    • Majestic

      Hi Joe, yes in the headline you wrote “you're” instead of “your” but I fixed it for you thanks to the comments above :)

  • Joe Nolan


  • Loree

    who cares! If that picky bet you are very difficult 2 live w/-feel bad 4 your relatives.

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