A Device That Lets You Type With Your Mind

BrainGridTim Barribeau writes on io9.com

By placing electrode grids inside patients’ skulls, researchers at the Mayo Clinic have created a way for people to type words using only their brainwaves. It’s a major breakthrough for brain-computer interface research.

The experiments were undertaken on patients who already had electrodes in their brain to monitor epilepsy. Readings were taken via electrocorticography (ECoG), as the subjects were shown a grid of letters and numbers. As each symbol was illuminated, the patient was told to focus on the letter or number, and data was recorded. Once this calibration data was taken, the patients would think of a letter or number, and their brain waves would be appropriately translated to the screen. The theory is that this technique will allow people to communicate and type far more easily when they suffer from Lou Gehrig’s disease, MS, or paralysis.

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  • Jay Brewer

    What about for use in autism?

  • Scott Cron

    My mind is all over the place all the time…can't see it working in my head but once again it this was possible it would be priced out of range for most who need it and if the “operation” goes wrong????…..this is so pie in the sky the birds shouldn't have land to eat!

  • http://twitter.com/catalin1205 Totoliciu Dan

    Inside? Mmmm….

  • yaz

    what happens if you have mpd (multiple personality disorder) or schizophrenia?

  • yaz

    what happens if you have mpd (multiple personality disorder) or schizophrenia?

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