Al Gore Admits Temperatures Cause CO2 to Increase, Not the Other Way Around


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  1. SecretSteve | Dec 10, 2009 at 8:33 pm |

    Sometimes when you fall asleep on the train tracks you don't get run over by a train.

    What exactly is the big downside to doing everything Al Gore wants? You pay a little more for gas at the pump. Guess what…that's going to happen anyway. Oh and we also end up using less foreign oil, have a more diverse and decentralized energy system that pollutes less. Oh and more domestic employment. And we need fewer evil dictator friends in the Middle East.

    All this crap about forming a new world goverment to fight global warming is A) overblown and B) too late. We've had WTO and NAFTA for a long time now…might as well have some international governance to deal with an international environmental issue.

  2. damnedshrubs | Dec 10, 2009 at 8:57 pm |

    but what about man bear pig?

  3. “Sometimes that has been true in the past” does not mean he “admits temperatures cause CO2 to increase, not the other way around.” He only admitted that sometimes temperature increase came before CO2 increase. Not only does this not have any indication of cause and effect, he also states that the opposite also happens as well. The point is, he did not admit to a cause and effect relationship.

    Read this thoroughly:

    Yes, I believe global warming is real, but I don't support Al Gore's plan for it. However, let's keep politics out and just focus on the science.

  4. hunter349 | Dec 10, 2009 at 11:24 pm |

    The global warming aside….reducing Co2 output is not the only issue….warming tends to overrun the entire conversation of pollution in general. I love to fish and In my 26 years I have noticed a sharp decline in the wildlife in my area. Most of which has been depleted because of pollution. Large coal fired plants that pollute much more than just Co2. The bay in my area is almost completely devoid of life because of large commercial chicken farms, pesticides, and human waste dumping. The environment does have a limit on it's ability to recover itself. So do our bodies for that matter. We should be much more concerned with what is safe than what is profitable. That sounds like the true conservative thing to do. I wonder why these right wing robber barons don't look at it that way.

    • Polymorpheous | Dec 13, 2009 at 11:58 am |

      i agree so very much.
      CO2 is a good way to distract everyone from how we are really destroying our planet.

  5. Who's the dimwit that posted this as “Al Gore admits temperatures cause CO2 increase, not the other way around”?

    He “admitted” nothing of the kind. He said that both contribute to each other. Is the poster hard of hearing, or just stupid?

    Do you not understand the concept of “both”? (Nice selective edits too, BTW. Cherry pick much?)

    These are complex SYSTEMS we're dealing with, not machinery.

    And what the Texas Congressman leaves out in his little tome on evolving science, is that most of the predictions made by those scientists as to the negative effects of this, have been UNDERplayed. They've been TOO conservative in their estimates. As they get more and more data, the picture gets WORSE, not better.

    And besides, as SecretSteve mentioned, even if the entire mass of worldwide scientists who've been studying this for decades, why is it that righties, who supposedly are all about national security (despite presiding over the worst national security failure in history) can't grasp that we need to get oil the foreign oil crack pipe?

    17 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi, yet Bush snuggles with Prince Abdullah and holds his hand while they buy up 8% of America. How are you ok with that?

    For the sake of our national security, shouldn't we be HEAVILY investing in renewable energies that we can count on FOREVER like solar or wind (and which don't cause respiratory problems in our kids like coal does), and engaging in infrastructure projects like modernizing our 19th century electrical grid, and building electrical vehicle charging stations all across the country, so that if we want to, we can tell those religious wackjobs to go suck on a camel fart if they don't like us?

    Why can't you people just move into the 21st century with the rest of us? Must you cling with a death grip to the 11th century, just like the luddites in the Taliban do? Do you WANT to be the ignorant flip side of the same coin they're on?

  6. What about farting animals? And all the plants. CO2 is part of the world. Renewable energy is what people should concentrate on.

  7. What about farting animals? And all the plants. CO2 is part of the world. Renewable energy is what people should concentrate on.

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