California Activists Propose Legalizing (And Taxing) Marijuana To Bail Out State

CaliforniaMarijuanaDan Whitcomb and Steve Gorman write on Reuters:

With California teetering perpetually on the edge of financial ruin, marijuana activists have seized the moment, claiming that legalizing and taxing pot could help bail out the cash-strapped Golden State.

But critics are slamming the proposal, saying the social costs of a free-smoking state far outweigh the money it would bring in, and that a promised windfall from taxing marijuana sales couldn’t possibly plug California’s massive budget gap.

Voters are likely to confront the issue next year. Marijuana advocates say they have collected more than enough signatures, over 680,000, to qualify for November’s ballot with a proposal to make California the first U.S. state to legalize possession and cultivation of pot for recreational use.

Passage remains far from certain, even in socially permissive California.

Fifteen years after Californians led the nation in approving the use of cannabis for medical purposes, fierce political debate is raging over a recent mushrooming of medicinal pot dispensaries in Los Angeles and other cities.

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  1. It's about time potheads finally started to pay their way! If cigarettes are taxed, why not 'Mary Jane'.

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  3. dude F**k off bro!

  4. dude F**k off bro!

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