Class is the River that Runs Right through the English Soul

From The Independent:

Privilege brought this country to its knees, says Tim Lott. But the day of reckoning is at hand.

Why on earth is Gordon Brown declaring class war on the Tories? The party tried the tactic only 18 months ago at the Crewe and Nantwich by-election when Labour supporters dressed up as “Tory toffs”. Labour was decisively defeated.

But times have changed – utterly. And Gordon Brown senses, correctly, for once, that something important is unfolding – hence his suggestion that the Tories’ tax policy was made on the “playing fields of Eton”. It’s an attack with real bite, and it’s a bite that will get more painful for the Tories as things get tougher economically. Labour ditching its own plans to raise inheritance tax will likewise play well. Because what Brown understands – finally – is that class as in issue is very far from dead.

Class has been resting somewhere out of sight, a fierce but sleeping lion, while we all lived under the illusion that we would all, some day, be rich too, and would benefit as new members of the ever-expanding privileged classes. Now that illusion has been destroyed as it is revealed that the bailout of the banks has cost a staggering £850bn – or £5,500 per family.

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