Dave Grohl: ‘Above Top Secret’ Inspired the Foo Fighters’ Name

Check out this clip from On The Record With Fuse where it appears Dave Grohl cites the Disinformation-published Above Top Secret as the inspiration for coming up with his band’s name.

Thanks for spreading some Disinformation Fuse TV!

3 Comments on "Dave Grohl: ‘Above Top Secret’ Inspired the Foo Fighters’ Name"

  1. All of us at Disinformation realized that Dave couldn't really have named his band from reading a book that we only published a couple of years ago, but we thought maybe he confused it with an earlier Jim Marrs book, “Alien Agenda.” Our friends at Above Top Secret tell us that he really did mean “Above Top Secret,” but an earlier book of the same name by Timothy Goode, long out of print.

    So really FUSE TV screwed up and put the wrong cover on screen, but we loved seeing the Disinformation edition of “Above Top Secret” on screen like that!

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