Douglas Rushkoff’s New Graphic Novel is Entangled with Gaming

In a new interview, Douglas Rushkoff talks about his writing graphic novels based on the universe for the game Exoriare. (“They needed an author to come in and say who lives there…”) To avoid intellectual property disputes, he accepted a small share of the company – but now he worries about future plans for basing characters on actual players in the game!

“The way that some person played this game – is that now their property?”

But he also suggests the reason conspiracy theories seem to be increasing. “I think that people really do sense that machines are doing the majority of the thinking now… When systems break down, people start looking for alternate system”

“I mean, there’s nothing people love more than being controlled, so, if the things that were actually controlling them cease to function, they’re going to create imaginary mechanisms of control, just to maintain that good
feeling of being victimized.”

But he also has a positive prediction. “As money and artificially-enforced, centralized, value extraction disappears some people will feel capable of actually engaging in direct exchange, of being valued for what they create.

“There’s actually the possibility of new networks arising…”

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  1. I patiently await the intellectual property lawsuit when FlameNoobz69 claims the author stole his character's journey as book fodder.

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