Dubai: ‘Something Darker Is Going On…’

In November 2008 I went to Dubai for the inaugural International Conference on Ancient Studies (ICAS). It was an opportunity to reconnect with Disinformation authors and contributors like Michael Cremo, Robert Bauval and John Major Jenkins as well as to meet other luminaries in the world of ancient mysteries. It also enabled me to visit the Middle East and to see just how vibrant a city Dubai has become.

In February 2010 I’ll be returning for the second ICAS, which again features a stellar lineup including another Disinformation author, Graham Hancock. Needless to say, I’m greatly looking forward to it and this time I’ll actually have an official role as MC (but don’t let that put you off). I asked a friend of mine who lives there if the recent news about Dubai World would have any impact on ICAS and this was the somewhat surprising response I received, essentially assuring me that the Dubai World debt problem is a smokescreen for something far more serious:

“I doubt it. Not much has changed here and people here just wonder what all the trouble is about. The fuss is about one single company (called Dubai World) who simply said it would delay (not default) its first installment repayment to a couple of international banks by 6 months. The amount is about 4 billion dollars which is a drop in the ocean considering banks in the US and Europe will have to actually write off about 2.8 trillion by 2010. Does it make sense that this rather common occurrence sends world markets crashing down? I mean, in the US alone hundreds of banks and companies actually defaulted since 2007 and hundreds everyday are probably requesting to delay payments in their quest to remain afloat. Even the actual international banks who lent the money to Dubai World are not very worried and are also wondering what the fuss is all about. So why all the fuss? It is a diversion. Something darker is going on and the perpetrators were just waiting for an excuse like this one to play their cards once again. No one really cares if Dubai World delayed or not their installment, the story was used as a smoke screen and the press fell right into their trap as usual. If you read the news it sounds like suddenly it is not just the company but the city of Dubai and the whole United Arab Emirates that ran out of money, “oh poor world, we are bound for global bankruptcy now that they have run out of cash”. Bollocks. But unfortunately journalists are not expert economists… it is as if everyone forgot that the UAE is the third largest oil producer in the world, selling comfortably millions of barrels at 75 dollars each every single day. It is unlikely they will run out of money for the next 50 years and are sitting right now on hundreds of billions of hard cash. No no, this must be a diversion for something going on elsewhere, but for what?

A couple of sinister things are happening right next to your doorstep. One of them is the Swine Flu scam. [Note: H1N1 is a fast spreading but very low fatality virus, most probably genetically engineered in a lab. It has killed in 1 year 400% less people than most of the common influenzas we all catch at least once a year yet it is the only one on the red list of the World Health Organization… the recommended treatment and vaccine are both miraculously provided exclusively by Donald Rumsfeld’s own companies, one of these is Tamiflu. Another coincidence? Now Tamiflu is also known to reduce your lifespan and has a high chance of causing neurological problems. The probability of getting sick due to the Tamiflu treatment or the new vaccine is higher than actually even feeling the symptoms of H1N1.] The international press sure fell for that one… but does it need a smoke screen?

Another is the zero support of the new US administration to the peace process in the Middle East. Although Obama probably had good intentions when he gave his speech in Cairo, Hillary practically told the Israelis they could continue the Jerusalem evictions and building illegal settlements wherever they wanted with no fear of punishment. Basically they are evicting Palestinians, Christians and Muslims alike, from the family homes they have occupied for at least 150 years (some for several centuries) saying “sorry, your title deed is worthless now. This is ours. Bye bye.” Entire families left with no homes and if they dare complain, they get shot and called terrorists. That might require a smoke screen because Hillary was not able to negotiate with the current nutties in power right now in Tel Aviv. Extremists are all the same, no matter what religion they are from. A smoke screen for failure could be a good reason.

Another one is the other nut case in Iran who is brandishing his nuke card like a child with a new toy. That is turning into a major issue and if not dealt with properly could trigger a third world war… especially if the nutties in Israel decide to go for preemptive strikes. A very ugly scenario that very few people are currently aware of, which could drag the US, Europe, China and Russia into a very nasty conflict. This might need a smoke screen as well in order to gain some time. It seems the press hasn’t caught on to this one…

Then you have your usual conspiracies… for instance crashing Asian and European markets for a couple of days whilst your market is closed for Thanksgiving can in fact make a very quick buck for those who knew this in advance. Basically, you know the market will only crash for 2 days, you send it crashing with some bogus news, buy the shares cheap and let it recover before it really hurts at home. Bingo, you made a couple of billion.

There could be various other things that may require a smoke screen right now, I just don’t know them. But for sure, the real issue can’t be what you read in the papers because that just doesn’t make any sense.”


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  1. The arabs kill thousands of people in terror attacks worldwide and Israel are the crazy ones? Fuck you, it's our land and we'll decide where to build and when. Deal with it.

    • tonyviner | Dec 3, 2009 at 1:23 am |

      Isn't everything everyone's? You can have Israel, place looks dangerous anyway.

  2. Well, I think it's MY land, Mir, and my document here, issued to me by God almighty, proves it… but no one will listen to me unless I get some guns and jet fighters… so I guess God's authority's worth nothing, because it seems that whoever has more jets gets the land. And here I was, before God gave me that document, naively thinking that God didn't exist and that no one really owned land because it belonged to no one to begin with… but I guess the world is one big passenger seat in God's giant car and whoever yells “shotgun” first gets to sit on it.

    Anyway, about the post… I come here everyday and I have to say I'm getting a bit tired of thinking of everything as some kind of conspiracy. I'm starting to wonder if I'm not giving other people undue credit. I mean, they must be really clever and powerful, because I can't even plan out my own day without getting kicked in the butt, and here are these people taking over the world with great ease! I can't get a single girl to kiss me in the right place and meanwhile these people control millions of us! 😛

    I'm half kidding. It's always nice to see things through other perspectives, and I for one welcome it. If anything, when stuff really happens, at least I won't get caught totally off guard. And maybe things aren't smokescreens to begin with, but become just that after a while at the hands of some people. And maybe we shouldn't give them ideas!

    • tonyviner | Dec 3, 2009 at 1:20 am |

      If you help me to ensure Armageddon I will gladly supply you whatever you need.

      • Get me inside everybody's head and I'll make sure that we go out, “not with a bang but a whimper”. Everybody will just stop having children, we'll all make peace with ourselves and one another and humanity will live peacefully 'till the end of days and die of old age. It's not exactly an Armageddon, but it gets the job done.

  3. brianalayn | Dec 2, 2009 at 11:19 pm |

    A smoke screen for the US troops in Israel put there to stiff-arm Iran ? Who else knows about it?

  4. Mir,
    you are a moron. EVERYONE kills people every year. You retards think that some imaginary deity promised you land you got your asses kicked for and lost. You only exist because of the United States. Do me a favor and lick our red, white, and blue boots. You really think you can beat the entire Islamic world? LOL, you are going to have to nuke them to do that, but you don't have nukes……officially do you?
    Israel does deserve to exist, but come on bombing the hell out of a bunch of people who launch crappy rockets at you with no warheads on them is a bit of overkill. One more thing too, fuck us huh? How bout fuck you, ungrateful prick. Keep talking shit about your protection asshole, and while you are at it give us our weapons and money back you can't seem to function without damn pussies.

    • One of those “crappy rockets” could completely destroy your home and kill everyone in it. I guess it's okay if Jews are killed by arabs, but not the other way around. We don't agree.

  5. i wish that the Israalies would just go and do it. Kill the Arabs, kill all of them and complete the transformation to the darkside.

    I'm so sick to death watching this slow bleed. If anything its cruel. Go on implement your final solution and be done with it. Show the world truly how evil you are and stop pussy footing about. I'm sure the Arabs would appreciate knowing that the end is actually near.

    • Shut the fuck up. No country, or society, would stand by and allow themselves to be attacked like Israel has, and listen to the world blame them, instead of the people carrying out attacks on them.

      It's a shame you've allowed the media to make your mind up for you, instead of taking the less lazy route, and actually applying intelligence and reason, and coming up with a different conclusion than the sheep who spout the bullshit that just escaped your lips.

      From now on, the U.S. has no right to build, or improve, any property in North America. Starting with the pilgrims who took the land away from the native Americans, to the U.S. government that defeated Mexico and took as spoils of war what is now the southwest United States, you're occupying other countries'/peoples' lands. The Mexican government is perfectly within their rights to launch rocket attacks from their side of the border into California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Native Americans deserve to live on their land, and if they feel entitled to strap on bombs and explode themselves in crowds of people in the U.S., they're only practicing self-defense and trying to get their rightful property returned to them. If the U.S. fights back, then Americans are nazis trying to carry out the Fourth Reich.

      • sarlanga | Dec 7, 2009 at 6:29 am |

        Well, they´re (as a country, not ALL of them) kind of nazi. I mean, they segregated black people until the 60´s. That´s around the corner. They gave support to a lot of bloody as hell military coups in South America to impose their Ideology and, mainly, their free-market sh*t. And Israel is attacked ´cause the US sent them to the middle east to wage their war, that´s clear as water. What I really can´t believe about the US and Israel, is that mentality that makes them believe that they´re chosen by that famous Lord. Dark Ages indeed.

  6. joe biggs | Dec 15, 2009 at 9:07 am |

    I like George Carlin's theory on God, the bigger dick theory. My God has a bigger dick so therefore he's more powerful. No God, Know Peace.

  7. Sjburkhart24 | Jun 16, 2010 at 10:38 am |

    And I thought I was going crazy…This person is an avid thinker, and I think he’s right on the money, especially when you compare his thoughts with biblical and historical prophecies!

  8. Sjburkhart24 | Jun 16, 2010 at 5:38 am |

    And I thought I was going crazy…This person is an avid thinker, and I think he's right on the money, especially when you compare his thoughts with biblical and historical prophecies!

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