Entitled to Their Own “Facts”?

From Truthout:

Boston – If you ever wondered why God invented the delete button, let me pass along the e-mail that arrived on the wings of various listservs directed at the Mainstream Media.

“How much do we love you?” the author asked the MSM. “Let me count the ways: You lie, omit, distort and skew what otherwise should be unbiased accounts of ALL news, not just what furthers the interests of the ‘fringe left.'”

As my finger hovered over “block sender,” I scanned the list of wrongs. No. 1 was the charge that we, the MSM, had hidden the fact that Bill Ayers was the real author of “Dreams from My Father.”

This myth had been careening around the Internet for some time, but came back to life after a conservative blogger confronted Ayers at an airport. In a fit of snark, Ayers “confessed.” “Michelle asked me to … I wrote it,” he said, adding, “And if you can prove it we can split the royalties.” GOTCHA!

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  1. Word Eater | Dec 8, 2009 at 2:50 pm |

    Stephen Colbert should win a Nobel Prize for coming up with the word “Truthiness”

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