EPA: Greenhouse Gases Endanger Human Health

From AP:

The Environmental Protection Agency has concluded greenhouse gases are endangering people’s health and must be regulated, signaling that the Obama administration is prepared to contain global warming without congressional action if necessary.

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson scheduled a news conference for later Monday to announce the so-called endangerment finding, officials told The Associated Press, speaking privately because the announcement had not been made.

The finding is timed to boost the administration’s arguments at an international climate conference – opening Monday – that the United States is aggressively taking actions to combat global warming, even though Congress has yet to act on climate legislation.

Without a bill, the U.S. was heading into Copenhagen hard-pressed to explain exactly how it would reach the targets President Barack Obama is set to offer.

Under a Supreme Court ruling, the so-called endangerment finding is needed before the EPA can regulate carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases released from automobiles, power plants, and factories under the federal Clean Air Act.

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  1. Nope nope there's nothing endangering people's lives with Global Warming, cities going underwater are just fibs made up by journalists when they're bored.. Wake up! It's happening, and it does affect human lives, and quite probably the New Orleans hurricane was bigger because of it.

  2. fedupwiththefed | Dec 8, 2009 at 11:41 am |

    Global warming fundamentalists are more dogmatic, religious, and fervent than any evangelical I have met or known. The truth is that most global warming holy rollers are just shills; unaware that global warming (since changed to climate change since the earth is not heating as promised) is just a propaganda tool for larger and more centally controlled bureaucratic governance. Count me as a hell bound skeptic.

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