Found! 22 Million Missing E-mails From Bush White House

BushComputerPETE YOST writes on Huffington Post:

WASHINGTON — Computer technicians have found 22 million missing White House e-mails from the administration of President George W. Bush and the Obama administration is searching for dozens more days’ worth of potentially lost e-mail from the Bush years, according to two groups that filed suit over the failure by the Bush White House to install an electronic record keeping system.

The two private groups – Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and the National Security Archive – said Monday they were settling the lawsuits they filed against the Executive Office of the President in 2007.

It will be years before the public sees any of the recovered e-mails because they will now go through the National Archives’ process for releasing presidential and agency records. Presidential records of the Bush administration won’t be available until 2014 at the earliest.

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  • Gregory

    2014? That's convenient since the world will end in 2012. Are we not able to impeach Bush now? Not even a little?

    • Travis Christensen

      I thought that you all knew that Bush was selected by an ancient Mayan God Named Whitefish and one of his main goals was to hide top secret emails until after the end of the world.

      • tonyviner

        Come to think of it, I did hear that on Art Bell.

  • radiac

    “…failure by the Bush White House to install an electronic record keeping system.”

  • bunkertcain

    jeah lets drag colonel cluster f%$K