Green (Gross?) Cremation Method Produces Liquid Fertilizer

From Mother Nature Network:

There are an awful lot of people on the planet, and modern methods for disposing of human remains aren’t exactly earth-friendly. A new alternative to cremation and burial could change that — and even increase food production for those still living — if we can get past the ‘ick factor’ of liquefying our dead relatives.

“Resomation” is the process of disposing of human corpses through alkaline hydrolysis, which occurs when the body is sealed inside a vault-like tube filled with water and lye and steam-heated to 300 degrees. Three hours later, some powdery bone fragments and 200 gallons of fluid are all that remains.

Essentially, Resomation — which was developed by Scottish company Resomation Ltd. — is just like the natural process of decomposition, but on fast-forward. The fluid can be safely dumped into sewer systems or even used as fertilizer on farms and gardens — a proposal that some say comes a little too close to ‘Soylent Green’ for comfort.

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  1. GoodDoktorBad | Dec 11, 2009 at 1:37 pm |

    Everything we eat was once something dead. Its called the cycle of life. From death comes new life. Its unavoidable. “Gross” is irrelevent. Shall we push up only daisies and grass? Why not tomatoes, corn, or others?


    Just had to add that before someone else did.

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