In Hong Kong And Taiwan, Yesterday’s Gruesome Crime Is Today’s Digital Cartoon

Patrick Winn reports for Global Post:

In Taipei and Hong Kong, horrid crimes are no longer left for tabloid readers to imagine.

Crimes are now re-enacted by animators, who render the latest real-life carjackings and knifings into video game-quality digital cartoons.

The videos, as visually alluring as the Grand Theft Auto game series, are produced within hours. Recently, within one day of a police officer’s murder, the Apple Daily tabloids released a vivid re-enactment of the murder — capturing the perp’s haircut, the length of his blade and the torrent of blood spurting from the officer’s neck.

“People really want to watch stuff instead of reading,” said Simon Lee, CEO of multimedia for Apple Daily. The tabloids, which already attract Taiwan and Hong Kong readers with hardcore crime coverage in print, launched their “Motion News” in mid-November.

Some of the Chinese-language animations are posted online and can be viewed here. But the tabloids are mostly marketing the animations as mobile downloads, beamed into phones for about three cents per video under a low-cost subscription plan…

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    It is about time.

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    It is about time.

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