It’s Official: Al-Qaeda Set Up The Failed Plane Bomb

As reported in the Wall Street Journal:

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the branch of the extremist group based in Yemen, appeared to claim responsibility for the Christmas Day attempted bombing of a Detroit-bound jet, ratcheting up worry about the organization’s expanding reach and potency.

The group said it provided the Nigerian suspect in the attempted bombing, identified by U.S. officials as Umar Farouk Abdulmuttalab, with “a technically advanced device,” according to a statement issued by the group Monday and posted on several Web sites routinely used by Islamic militants.

The statement said the device failed to detonate because of an unspecified technical fault. Like other statements from the group in the past, it couldn’t definitively be verified.

The group, also known by its initials AQAP, said the suspect had the blessing of the organization in “his response” to U.S. attacks in Yemen, apparently referring to recent U.S.-backed military strikes conducted by the Yemeni government against suspected al Qaeda operatives. The group referred to Mr. Abdulmuttalab as “Umar Farouk al-Nigiri,” denoting his Nigerian origin.

In the statement, the group warned of fresh attacks in the Arabian peninsula, in particular, calling for attacks against foreign embassies: “We call on all Muslims … to throw out all unbelievers from the Arabian peninsula by killing the crusaders who work in embassies or elsewhere,” the statement read.

The al Qaeda statement said Mr. Abdulmutallab “managed to penetrate all devices and modern advanced technology and security checkpoints in international airports … defying the large myth of American and international intelligence, and exposing how fragile they are, bringing their nose to the ground.”…

[continues in the Wall Street Journal]


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  1. oh noes! al quaeda set us up the bomb!

    the darkies are coming to get us!

  2. Polymorpheous | Dec 30, 2009 at 2:38 am |

    what a minute…
    didn't al qaeda originally form in yemen?

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