Lord Christopher Monckton: Meet A Leader Of Climate Change Denial (VIDEO)

Katherine Goldstein questions the motives of the British Peer who has become the highest profile climate change denier, in the Huffington Post:

While tens of thousands of NGO’s, environmental activists, government officials and journalists have descended on the climate talks in Copenhagen, a small but vocal number of energy industry lobbyists and climate change deniers are staging events to put forward their point of view.

At one such event held by Americans For Prosperity, a right-wing group with funding ties to Exxon-Mobil and oil interests. [disinfo ed.’s note: we know this sentence doesn’t make sense.]

At their event in Copenhagen, a group of clean energy activists disrupted their meeting. In attendance was Lord Christopher Monckton, one of the most visible and outspoken voices against climate change science, who proceeded to call the protesters “Hitler Youth.”

So who is Lord Christopher Mockton? “Mother Jones” describes him as a “self-described former special adviser to Margaret Thatcher on matters ranging from hydrogeology to epidemiology [who] has more recently devoted himself to climatology.” The book “Climate Cover Up” notes, however, that he has no background in science whatsoever, and he’s studied only classics and journalism. He shows up at events to make his global warming-denying case at the behest of groups funded by dirty energy interests such as Friends of America and The Heartland Institute.

Despite the fact that he no scientific training, he’s been called upon twice by Republicans in Congress to testify before subcommittees as a climate “expert” — you can read his statement to the Ways and Means Committee here.

Global warming is not the first topic that Monckton has taken extreme positions on. He created an uproar in his 1987 article for The American Spectator when he wrote, “There is only one way to stop AIDS. That is to screen the entire population regularly and to quarantine all carriers of the disease for life. Every member of the population should be blood-tested every month … all those found to be infected with the virus, even if only as carriers, should be isolated compulsorily, immediately, and permanently.”

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14 Comments on "Lord Christopher Monckton: Meet A Leader Of Climate Change Denial (VIDEO)"

  1. globalizationdenier | Dec 18, 2009 at 11:05 pm |

    Well let's see here, Al Gore the great isn't a scientist either but constantly opens his uninformed globalist pie hole on climate change all the time. Same with the non-scientists who wrote the IPCC report and signed real scientists names to it without their consent or approval.

    Climate changes, it's called weather. Get over it.

    Tens of thousands of scientists deny the global warming rhetoric yet you choose to attack a concerned citizen with some influence instead of looking at the science and the politics driving the selective manipulation of the data. Pathetic.

  2. markegillar | Dec 18, 2009 at 11:27 pm |

    Huffpo is the last place one would go to get balanced informaton on any climate realist. First of all Majestic, Monckton has never claimed to have a scientific background, but I can assure you he can take on any scientist
    who pushes this anthropogenic global warming non-sense in a debate. Here are few of his works which should be required reading for the uninformed like you.

    Frankly, this website is aptly named. There is a hell of a lot of disinformation being spread here like fertilizer on a piece of farmland. This article is a great example of the type of biased information being put out by The Huffington Post that has such cowardly writers that they banned me from posting after I successfully made one of their people look stupid for bashing Sarah Palin.

    Furthermore, The head of the UN IPCC is a railroad engineer with no climate science experience and Al Gore's academic background is even less impressive. He fluncked out of divinity school and only got into Harvard because of his father.

    Huffpo wreaks of hypocracy when they discuss Lord Monckton's lack of scientific background for they have never made that charge against Al Gore who is the world's leading anthropgenic global warming cheerleader. Does that bother you Majestic or are you only concerned with Monckton's background and not Gore's?

    As for his relationship with the Heartland Institute, why is it that Huffpo is only concerned with the money on one side the debate. The fact is that over 30 Billion dollars has been invested by the U.S. Government alone in climate science research over the last three decades. Want to get your funding cut, state that global warming isn't anthropogenic. Want to make sure you get a grant? Throw the words global warming into the title of the application and it will work wonders. Michael Mann has reportedly received 6 million dollars to study this project. Do you really expect him to stand up one day and say crisis over, please stop sending me money. Then there is Al Gore who has made a 100 MIllion off of this hoax alread and has positioned himself to be the world's first green billionaire if cap and trade is signed into law. Do those conficts of interest bother you majestic? There's a very old saying – Follow The Money. So let's do that with the help of Jo Nova in Australia:

    How many times has Al Gore been called upon to testify even though before congress even though he has no scientific bacground and was frankly not exactly an academic superstar. Is that fine with ou Majestic. Like Huffpo do you have a double standard and wreak of hypocracy?

    As for his position on AIDS, the Media Matters' piece was a shameless hit hob. I've been complimented by many for putting them in their place with this post:
    In fact Lord Monckton cares so deeply for those with AIDS he's been doing research in this area and seems close to a possible cure:

    I'm sure Huffpo will be the first to list the potential side effects should his research come to fruition and save lives.

    • Thanks for the post. Please note that I didn't say I endorsed the HuffPo article. Our goal at disinformation is to try to expose multiple views on every issue and let the reader decide which is most persuasive, after informing him- or herself to the fullest extent possible. You should expect to see many conflicting posts on this site – and indeed many conflicting comments. We very much welcome your views, whether we agree with them or not.

    • adding stuff to a system that wasnt there before will change the system. humanity adds stuff to the worlds system that wasnt there before. to say we dont affect the world is intellectuall disingenuous. it seems like a psychological defense mwchannism so that one doesnt have to internally deal with an uncomfortable reality.

      • No one here is “denieing” action and reaction.

      • bulldogger | Dec 20, 2009 at 6:33 pm |

        “it seems like a psychological defense mwchannism so that one doesnt have to internally deal with an uncomfortable reality.”

        Cognitive Dissonance

        • Distancing yourself from the fact that the world is a business and that you, in all your precious glory, are merely a pawn. If it is the flavor you prefer then distance yourself form the cold hard fact that you are not under the benevolent wing of your infallible incorruptible “leaders” & their “experts”. Shhh… Now just go back to sleep, everything is OK under the Dawn of your New Day in your “green” communist “democratic” dictatorship. HOPE you like it, & Ya know, it's easier this way.

          Hail salvation 2+2=5.

  3. “right-wing group with funding ties to Exxon-Mobil and oil interests” , What a petty attempt to discredit all those who question COP 15's real agenda and “FACTS”. Slick psychology to paint the sceptics as “Climate Change Deniers” sounds like what a zealot would call a “non-beLIEver “. Their money game humanity and its planet, “THEY” dont't own us or our home.

  4. I think it's obvious why this dude would promote regular blood sampling of the population. He's clearly a vampire.

    Nice job to everyone involved in drowning out his noise. What a good way to seize control of the Spectacle.

  5. CO2 Feeds Plants | Feb 8, 2010 at 2:19 pm |

    Then why does it seem that all your articles posted on climate change are for it. Doesnt really look like multiple views on the issue to me. No conflicting posts, more like just posting the MSMs view

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