Marilyn Monroe: Pot Smoker?

Marilyn Monroe’s latest movie may explain the blonde bombshell’s notoriously bubbly personality.

In footage that has just come to light after being forgotten for half a century, the “Some Like it Hot” star is seen puffing on what the owner of the film says is a marijuana joint.

“I had it up in my attic all this time,” says the woman who shot the film, basically a home movie. The friend of Marilyn, who doesn’t want to be named publicly, said she regularly hung out with the starlet in the 50s, and thought nothing to be hanging out with her. “Home movies, that’s all it was,” she told “It was never a big deal for me.”

The source, younger than Marilyn at the time and now in her late 60s, says she even rolled the doobie for Monroe, but claims the smoking didn’t have that much of an effect on the starlet.

“It was all real casual, it was just friends hanging out,” she said. “She was the same [after smoking] — a little giggly.”

The woman worked as office administrator most of her life and didn’t realize the reel-to-reel film could be valuable, until she was put in contact with Manhattan gallery owner Keya Morgan, who has an extensive Marilyn Monroe collection, as well as historical presidential memorabilia.

2 Comments on "Marilyn Monroe: Pot Smoker?"

  1. Doesn't look like a joint to me. Looks like a regular cigarette. Put the word Marijuana on it and you probably will get more money for the film.

  2. tonyviner | Dec 2, 2009 at 6:12 pm |

    Pretty sure that was just a cigarette.

    She is a lot better looking in real life than she is on that Transformer girl's arm. That movie tore to shreds any glimmer of hope that I thought we as a race had.

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