New Study Suggests Obesity Might Truly Be Caused By Genetic Mutation

No doubt those who claim obesity is a genetic fault rather than a compulsive eating disorder (see comments to this earlier post about the 900 lb man who had to be cut out of his chair) will jump on this story, as told in the Telegraph:

Childhood obesity could be caused by a genetic mutation, scientists at Cambridge University believe. Findings show for the first time that the condition can be a genetic one, rather than the result of over feeding.

The study could have a major impact on the decision of social services to take obese children into care where they believe they are being abused. Some of the children in the study had been on the at risk register because of fears they were being overfed. They have now been removed from the list.
Scientists at Cambridge University found that certain types of genetic mutation were present in those suffering from severe obesity.

“This is the first evidence that copy number variants have been linked to a metabolic condition such as obesity,” said Dr Matt Hurles from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, one of the leaders of the study. Dr Sadaf Farooqi from Cambridge University added: “This study shows that severe obesity is a serious medical issue that deserves scientific investigation. It adds to the growing weight of evidence that a wide range of genetic variants can produce a strong drive to eat.” …


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2 Comments on "New Study Suggests Obesity Might Truly Be Caused By Genetic Mutation"

  1. Word Eater | Dec 7, 2009 at 1:36 pm |

    Maybe obesity has some sort of beneficial affects we don't know about and the jump in cases and the genetic mutation are evolutionary adaptations.

  2. I'm crying foul on this. First of all people aren't informed enough on how to truly eat better. Secondly, there is always going to be people trying to pass off things that are their responsibility by looking for an excuse, and the fast food and crap food industries have trained the public very well to accept their poisons. Thirdly, have you ever seen a fat faster? Doesn't happen because they're not eating. The body will burn through its fat stores. Fourthly, even if there is some genuine genetic mutation that allows for obesity, which came first? The mutation or the 2 generations of crappy overeaters? There's just nothing that science can produce that will convince me that the individual doesn't have the ultimate responsibility and ability to become healthy.

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