Rabbis Rage Against Net ‘Abominations’

From The Independent:

Internet use exploding among ultra-orthodox despite dire warnings.

Secular Israelis pride themselves on their country being at the cutting edge of internet technology. But the ultra-orthodox have always striven to be a community apart, preserving their ancient lifestyle and insular neighbourhoods guided by strict Jewish law as interpreted by their rabbis.

Ultra-orthodox rabbis in Israel are trying to crack down on growing use of the internet among their followers, saying that it is filled with “abomination” and is leading believers astray.

But despite their efforts, the number of ultra-orthodox Israelis online is growing rapidly, while ultra-orthodox websites are proliferating.

In recent days, wall posters have sprung up in the ultra-orthodox Mea Shearim area of Jerusalem signed by the “Committee for the Purity of the Neighborhood”. The posters voice alarm at growing use of the internet by rabbinical seminary students who live outside the school’s supervision in rented flats. There have also been fire and brimstone-type broadsides against the internet during sermons by prominent rabbis in recent weeks.

“To our dismay, computers with all sorts of abominations have been found in the unsupervised flats, may God protect us,” say the posters. The posters give a phone number to report seminary students who abuse computers.

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  1. I can understand anyone having a belief system based on what they have been told by their leader, religious or otherwise, Why then would it be wrong to allow these people the freedom to understand the world around them, giving them a real informed opinion of what is truth and what is not, if they information they find seems to carry more truth to them as individuals, then it would be only right under the eyes of their god, to allow them to follow such findings either as a new belief system, or as part of what they already believe. If their god did not intend for them to find such information, would he not have made it so he wouldn't? Man and Woman being equal have a birth given right to make up their own mind based on what they experience and find, to follow such things, no one individual has any such right to stop them.

  2. Unfortunately, every religion has its extremists, its version of the taliban. I'm Jewish and can't relate to these viewpoints. There will always be people who wish to monitor others' “purity.”

  3. Muslims are worse

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