Rupert Murdoch: ‘There’s No Such Thing As A Free News Story’

Mercedes Bunz (is that name for real?) writes in the Guardian:

Rupert Murdoch has today reiterated his belief that internet users will pay for content, saying they would be happy to shell out for “information they need to rise in society”.

Murdoch, the chairman and chief executive of News Corporation, gave a wide-ranging address to US media regulators that attacked internet news aggregation as “theft” and claimed that advertising-only business models were dead.

“From the beginning on, newspapers have prospered for one reason: giving readers the news that they want,” he said.

He said newspapers should not blame technology if they failed. “If we fail, we fail like a restaurant that makes meals that no one wants to eat.”

His company’s customers were “smart enough” to know they had to pay for news, Murdoch told a US Federal Trade Commission workshop on the future of journalism in the internet age.

Referring to his much-criticised plans to put his newspaper sites behind a paywall, Murdoch said he had succeeded before when nobody had believed he would, adding: “We started Fox when everyone said it couldn’t be done.” …

[continues in in the Guardian]

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  • Tony S.

    I think the world will be a better place when greedy fucks like him are dead and buried.

  • tonyviner

    I guess I was wrong about this guy having enough money. Beware Disinfo, you are in Rupe's sights.

  • Anonymous

    Not only that, but if it’s not free, then people won’t be posting O’reilly and Beck articles all over facebook. These people will have to “GASP” post real news from REAL sources.

  • connie dobbs

    Shut up about it and DO it already! Because, after all, if it's not free on the internet, people won't look at it.

    • thetodd

      Not only that, but if it's not free, then people won't be posting O'reilly and Beck articles all over facebook. These people will have to “GASP” post real news from REAL sources.

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