Some Toy Drives Check Immigration Status

From The Houston Chronicle:

They don’t claim to know who’s been naughty or nice, but some Houston charities are asking whether children are in the country legally before giving them toys.

In a year when more families than ever have asked for help, several programs providing Christmas gifts for needy children require at least one member of the household to be a U.S. citizen. Others ask for proof of income or rely on churches and schools to suggest recipients.

The Salvation Army and a charity affiliated with the Houston Fire Department are among those that consider immigration status, asking for birth certificates or Social Security cards for the children.

The point isn’t to punish the children but to ensure that their parents are either citizens, legal immigrants or working to become legal residents, said Lorugene Young, whose Outreach Program Inc. is one of three groups that distribute toys collected by firefighters.

“It’s not our desire to turn anyone down,” she said. “Those kids are not responsible if they are here illegally. It is the parents’ responsibility.”

The idea of a charity turning away children because of decisions made by their parents unsettled some immigration activists.

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6 Comments on "Some Toy Drives Check Immigration Status"

  1. Heavens, we wouldn't want to encourage people to be generous, then we might be forced to recognize their humanity.

  2. Dein Koenig | Dec 4, 2009 at 6:51 am |

    hahahaha…this is so stupid, i can't believe there are people like this, what do the children have to do with anything? this is pathetic…true discrimination against children that are just children they just want to play and do all the things a normal child should do, what fault do they have of anything? if i would be giving toys away to children it would never cross my mind discriminating them for their parents illegal status, how they look, or anything in that matter…people like this should not call them self true humans. this should be embarrassing for the gringos…

  3. James T. | Dec 4, 2009 at 8:21 am |

    Only Amurrrrricans deserve toys!!! Them damn furrrriners don't know nothin' bout no toys, they ain't gonna miss 'em! Damn furrrriners shoulda not come into this great country, Gawd's country, if they wasn't asked by us, the people of Amurrrrica!!!

    Damn, some Americans are fucking stupid, ignorant bumpkins. And they have their own political party…

  4. Those illegal kids don't have any toys? Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?

    • Vote yes in Resolution Bubba. Mexico wants Texas back and frankly, like Baron Munchausen said about his head: “I'm tired of it.”

  5. Neal Retke | Dec 4, 2009 at 2:38 pm |

    Absolute rubbish. It negates whatever goodwill the ” Charity ” is intending to provide.
    If their mission if to prove that their cause is Hypocracy, than such measures will surely do the trick.
    I'll be walking past the bell ringers from here on out…

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