Taiwan TV Creates 3D Animation of Tiger Woods Accident/Incident

Yes, I know this is tabloid news, but what if if the American Nightly News networks and their anchors (I’m looking at you Brian Williams, Katie Couric, and whoever is on ABC right now) employed the video game graphics, they might still have an audience…?)

We all read our news on the Internet now, I realize:

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  1. I can't wait to see the “America's social collapse” version of this…

  2. strange how all the “alternate” sequence of events are pretty much the same across the Tabloid-sphere. She slaps, scratches his face (rings can mess a dude up even) he is upset and stomps off and takes off in the SUV, she runs after him with a golf club, further emasculating him by using his staff of power as a weapon against him, he is distracted and hits the hydrant and then the tree. He cant get out because the engine won't stop and the doors won't open when the engine is running, right? She was whacking the SUV with the club anyway, she smashes the back glass out (instead of a window closer to Tiger in order to prevent further injury…because at this point they realize they're more than a couple having a domestic dispute they're Mr and Mrs Tiger Woods for Chrissake and they're not supposed to have these problems). He crawls through and hops out the back…they realize now that they've effed up, Mrs Woods doesn't want to lose her meal ticket so they figure the accident can explain his facial injuries, he lays down and “goes in out of consciousness” she's beside him. (Imagine the Pieta here…no, here's a link so you can get the idea http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piet%C3%A0_(Michel…) )

    She saved him from having to be Jaws of Life-ed out of the carso they could manipulate the “crime” scene so that the paramedics, cops, paparazzi and the idiot who called 911 can't get a good look at his facial injuries in context of the accident. He had lacerations on his upper and lower lips…what…was the steering wheel covered in broken glass or maybe mosaic tile that spelled out “I am Tiger hear me roar?” Yep, a crash into a tree can sober a couple of people up. So instead of a domestic dispute caused by Mrs questioning Mr about the bit of nookie he's been keeping on the side in which she injures him and he drives off and is distracted by the wrath of a woman scorned or blind with rage “how dare she doesn't she know who I am?”…he just wasn't paying attention on his way to get a Slushie(tm), she is the hero and all is well in the Tigerverse.


  3. Some Dude | Dec 2, 2009 at 11:20 am |

    Domestic violence. Fun stuff. It'll be frustrating, seeing the bullshit Tiger will have to go through in the States. But on the same token, it'll bring forth, especially to law enforcement officers, that domestic violence can indeed happen both ways and it's pretty much the same thing. Both the husband and wife try to keep it secret, regardless of who the victim is.

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